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Hello   Does someone knows how to compute the Shadow Numbers created by Eze Ugbor ?   thanks.

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Using his strategy seems to be a waste of time, according to this review of one of his books:


John Wagner
Author went out of business

June 12, 2019

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Thanks for your ansewer.  So....... the book is useless  I thought it was a serious one.  Do you know some book that teaches a reliable method to  hit pick 3 ?

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Did you look at the Lottery Book Store under Quick Links?


Thanks for your ansewer.  Yogi was a smart guy no doubt about that.

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Number -> Shadow

0                3
1                4
2                8
3                0
4                1
5                7
6                9
7                5
8                2
9                6

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LottoChica23 has a blog titled "Lottery Books on Amazon Kindle ebook reader".Eze Ugbor seems to have replied himself with the username Popular. Some have stated confusion or uncertainly on complete or understanding concepts in the book.


Thanks for your ansewer.  However would like to know, which is the argument , the foundation of the shadow numbers ?  Thanks again


Thanks so much for your ansewer. I m going to look on that site.  Some times de book of Mr. Ugbor sound very logic , but sometimes not.

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Is this shadow number set followers? Instead of a set in stone set wouldn't this system or idea be better served by the highest frequency count of following number for a given history? That way it would be dynamic and show changes as the game changed.

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