NC (new players to site) Pick3 for Beginners!


This thread has been created for those of us that are new to the site and newbies to PICK3. We can help each other win in peace.

Ask questions, post numbers, share strategies, etc...You do not have to be an "expert" here. We can learn and make money together.

I will start sharing tomorrow.

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Thank you PNKButterfly!

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This is a good idea. 


Thanks Smile

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Thank you for creating this thread @PNKButterfly

Let us keep this topic neutral for all types of learning , workouts, rundowns, TTT and other tricks to hit the right winning combinations for everyone.


Good Luck Everyone.


I will share more info tonight...I use this site from my laptop only. Today is a busy day for me...Dropped my phone yesterday, focused on getting it fixed or getting a new one...Thanks for your patience.


Today play all trips and extra on 444/999. I would play at least .50 on (quads) 4444/9999


If you are new to playing pick3, TTT is your best resource starting out. There are Youtube videos that will  help...YOU must be willing to do your own workouts. 

Good luck and study. Be back later.


Here is a work out that I got from TaterTv (Youtube):

He calls it 962 workout: 












How to use it: I circle the date sum for TODAY (6). Highlight the last two draws. You ALWAYS find the numbers are touching...This week is not a good example because of the 550...993 is there because the 6 would flip.


From Old school TTT chart:

I will provide this daily...Circle date sum from yesterday (5) and look for hits. Note: I have not figured out how to put an acutal TTT box on here. Draw out your TTT and place the numbers in the exact order I have provided. Make a mirror TTT as well.



9 7 1

1 9 3

1 9 3



5 3 7

7 5 9

8 6 0

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You are welcome!

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Thank you...GL

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You are welcome.

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You are welcome...Good Luck!

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Hi pink butterfly, I'm Marsha, I'm new to the lp, thank you very much, is this workout for today....

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Another Simple Workout for those who believe that next winning number is mostly 1-off the previous draw number.

  1. Take the Winning Number.
  2. Create the 1-Off sets from the winning number using Lottery Maths
  3. Create the Mirror of 1-Offs using Lottery Maths.
  4. Arrange them in the order listed below.
  5. The next winning number will mostly be touching each other.
MMMMirror of +1 Off
N1N2N3Last Winning Number
MMMMirror of -1 Off



Keep these in mind also for best results:

  1. Always back test the workout for at least one month of past results.
  2. Check for the following: Day to Eve, Eve to Day , Day to Day & Eve to Eve.Find out which of these works well in your state.
  3. Good Luck Everyone.

I will soon post the examples of this approach.

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Thank you for sharing, Witty.


Speaking of 1-off: another thing I  play. I play .50 on 1-off on pick 4. I play 1-off from the previous draw number. Have won $150 twice and smaller amounts a few times.. I also play .50 any on the previous pick 4 number draw. I won  $100 once and $200 twice...I know this is a pick3 thread but sharing how to get extra money off of $1 from p4. Again, play .50 1- off from previous draw and .50 any previous draw.

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