Coffee Dream

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Had a dream I was making Coffee.  Any coffee numbers please?

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Goid mornimg ... I had a dream with Niki my dog that passed away 24 years ago. In this dream i went to pick her up at a friends home and got distracted in conversation.  I then asked where is Niki? And she was laying behind a door. I then picked her up and thought to myself how grateful i was to have. Had each of my 3 furbabies for 14 1/2 years.

As i was leaving with Niki my dream went into that we were in a cafe and i needed a table for four. My friend Charmaine was aetting up two tables that she was setting up for bookbages and water bowls for the dogs as she didn't want the same thing to happen as last year.

Have a magical day and thank you!

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Anything coffee...#3, beans" "3, self 1 


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Sure I have some for you  to try on FLATRANSPLANT :-)




Good Luck 

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1234   01234  03214

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