State of the Day Challenge: 12/1 - 12/31/2019

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Welcome to the December State of the day Challenge.

All posters are welcome.

We go in alphabetical order, first with States with 2 draws then States with 1 draw, we are currently in 1 draw States.

For States with 2 draws you are allowed 5 picks and the the cut off time is noon.

Tennessee and Texas have early draws so the cut off time is 10AM.

For States with 1 draw you are allowed 10 picks and the cut off time is 5 PM.

We use the Lottery Post pay out system.

No pairs, ttt's vtracs, pyramids, systems etc.

Have Fun.

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Up next Washington.


Reminder, we are in a 1 draw State, you are allowed 10 picks and the cut off is 5PM.

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Now for the real next up, West Virginia does not have a Sunday draw, so we will go to Western Canada and go back to WV Monday.

Reminder, you are allowed 10 picks and the cut off is 5 PM.

Up next Western Canada.

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Western Canada

323 321 500 080 967

996 225 419 888 744

Good Luck!

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125 327 419 528 101

505 616 727 838 949

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Everyone, please send your thoughts and prayers to Sully.  She is in the hospital at this time.Lovies



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In response to Jorli D

Thanks for sharing Jorli D. Praying without ceasing for you sully16! I pray that you get well soon. 

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Western Canada!!

688 668 608 784 987

910 925 809 629 407

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In response to Jorli D

Prayers to Sully! Blue Angel

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Get well soon, prayers

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In response to Jorli D

Sending prayers! Get well soon Sully🌹

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In response to Jorli D

I've been offline all day and just learned about sully. She wants the same numbers posted and I know it's past 5pm, but it's still 1hr until draw time so I will post her numbers for Western Canada.



Please keep sully in your thoughts and prayers.

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      Get well soon sully..  you are in my thoughts and prayers...Blue Angel

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Feel free to post for West Virginia


Sully's numbers for West Virginia are:

480 481 482 483 484

485 486 487 488 489

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