More New Cali' Scratchers Nov. 18th

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They continue roll out more new Scratchers, but can't/ won't

update their website. What gives?

$30 Ultimate Millions

$5 Set for Life

$2 Set for Life

$3 Crossword,

Gg~Keep the Peace

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In response to greatguy

Do you work for them? LOL

If they're going to continue hiding pertinent information about scratchers prizes that allows players to make informed decisions, players should stop buying scratchers.

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Not even close.  Rudolph

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Rite-Aid Vending machine, Ultimate Millions.

Found the "WIN" all for a 1K claimer 

My only ever other claimer was with the 100X card.

Can't wait for the 6-8 weeks payoff. Should be right

around the 49er's win the Super Bowl! Noel

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