I Need Help Making Tables!

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I have experimented, and read everything I can find, but apparently am clueless on the proper way to make a nice "table" in a forum post. I am able to create a nice "border", but am not able to create gridlines, different line colors, etc.....If anyone with knowledge about how to actually do this with the tools available on LP coulp PM me and explain to me in simple to understand terms, it would be MOST appreciated!

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The Table button is circled above.  Then you can see I've hovered my mouse over the number of squares representing the number of rows and columns to create (in this case 4x3).

Once the table is created, use the Row, Column, and Cell properties to change background color, foreground color, and borders (and anything else you wish to change).  You can right-click on elements of the table to see the context menu, which includes the properties command.

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Thanks Todd! The properties table was what I was missing! Thanks for the help!

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