WA lottery launches "My Lottery 360°"


There are some new changes with this new "program" or whatever you want to call it. Obviously most of you are not in the jurisdiction so it won't affect you directly.

There are changes occurring to the app and ticket scanning. Draw tickets are now printing out with a different barcode, similar to scratch ticket barcodes if not the same. Previously they were QR codes on draw tickets that could be scanned with the app. The QR code only contained the tickets number selection(s) and there was not an actual link to the unique ticket identification in the lotteries central computer.

The updated app will now scan draw tickets and scratch tickets. A "My Lottery 360°" account is required to scan tickets in the app and the ticket history is saved to a users account. Previously no account was required to scan draw tickets.

There is a "Points for Prizes" system that is schedule to become active in 2020 and is linked to the entry/scanning of tickets to ones 360° account.


To me this seems to be a way for the lottery to track individual/regular buyers in a similar way to how grocery stores have a club card and track all of your purchases. I can't imagine that the "points for prizes" are going to be all that valuable unless it operates as second chance drawings.

I bet Stat$talker will think that the information is used to track players and keep them from winning. WA state law says that the RNG machine must not be connected to any other system or database.

The new ones on the left that unique identify the ticket and the now "old" draw tickets with QR code on the right.

Does your lottery have an app, if so what do you think of it?

The tickets actually have a green tint though not coming up on the scan.

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Interesting.  I'd say you are 100% correct — the lottery is trying to match tickets to the people who purchased them.  The lotteries realize that one of their weakest points in the customer relationship is that they have no way of knowing who the customer is and what they purchase.  To a lottery-buying public that is accustomed to anonymous purchases, this may introduce privacy concerns.  But once online purchasing becomes more prevalent in the US, the public will need to adapt because then the lottery will know exactly what you personally purchase.

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Thank you.


Just an update as it was my first time using it, it looks like the tickets are not saved in the accounts ticket history unless the user selects so after they've scanned it; the incentive is to accrue  "points" for each one added. That doesn't mean that the lottery doesn't save that information separately.

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It may be the real option is whether the history is visible or not, (saved behind the scenes either way).

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From reading the privacy policy it doesn't indicate that the lottery is tracking the tickets per user though I may not have interpreted it correctly.

The lottery claims that these changes are because of the two most common requests from players, being the ability to also scan scratch tickets and to collect points from tickets to get merchandise.

Personally I don't have an issue with it. I would prefer to not have to have an account to scan tickets as was the case previously though I'm not so bothered by the new implementation that I'd resort to visually checking the numbers over an app scanning option.

Visually on the tickets I think the QR code looks cleaner/better though they want the same type of barcode as scratch tickets.

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It's disturbing how often the excuse for making something worse (odds) is the people asked for something else (bigger jackpots) and to give it to them "required" the change.  Just because some people may have wanted accounts to track their use is no excuse what-so-ever to require it of everyone who wants to scan their tickets.  Too bad we don't have consumer revolts against these sorts of things, so many targets no one thing can be focused on - in my opinion.

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Some new information to add. So for these Points for Prizes, mult-draw tickets are not eligible to receive points. So if you spend $2-3 on a ticket for a single draw you can accumulate points, though if you spent more on a multi-draw ticket then you cannot accrue points. It's yet to be seen how valuable these points will be and what can be redeemed from them though why excluded players who purchase multi-draw tickets from accruing these points? They're potentially spending more yet excluded, trying to understand that.

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Triple down on that Bob, all is always done for the direct benefit for the provider and rarely for customer.Yes Nod


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