Where online can USA resident play/bet on Eurojackpot?



I have contacted several different online lottery brokers that offer European lottery Eurojackpot (and even Euromillions) so tickets can be bought for the drawing event. Found many of them but so far noone is accepting USA residents who would like to pay with own USA payment card: either credit or debit.

Does anyone know perhaps where USA resident could play/bet, online. Eurojackpot with USA payment card?

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Unfortunately it is still a legal gray area in the US to purchase overseas lottery ticket services, so you will find very few good options.  The US-based credit card companies all shut down online gambling as an option, and unfortunately they include lottery ticket butler services under that umbrella of banned purchases.

It is still possible for US residents to use overseas butler services, but it requires you to be a little creative in finding a payment method that works.

So then once you've made the decision to try to get around the credit card situation, the next step is to find the best, most reliable (i.e., professional) company to deal with.  Fortunately we've already done the legwork for you.  Go to and click on the game in the Marketplace section on the right side of the page.  (USA Mega is not the lottery ticket butler service, but that's where you can find the links to it.)

The first thing I'd recommend before trying to place any orders is to establish an account there and make your deposit.  It might take a while to get your payment method working, so don't bother with actually playing until you've funded your account.

When adding a payment method, if you don't see the USA listed in the available countries, then select a different country.  One payment method they accept that is available to US residents is Skrill.  It's kind of like a low-rent version of PayPal.  So perhaps you will want to establish a Skrill account, and then fund your lottery account with Skrill.  Just a thought -- they have other payment methods there too.

Once you get everything funded and working it should be fairly straight-forward to continue playing there whenever you want -- and of course you're not just stuck playing EuroJackpot.

Good luck!


Thank you for your reply.

Skrill, Paypal and other ewallets won't work with larger amounts. Here we are talking about payment amount, in total, for few tens of thousands of dollars in order to hit the jackpot of 90M euros. Such amounts cannot be processed/withdrawn via ewallets. Ideally I would like to pay directly with my payment card but have winnings, if any, sent to my foreign bank account in tax heaven country so I can avoid taxes. If I would win (yes, chances are close to zero but we are not talking about % of chance), I hire tax consultant and register offshore company so I don't break the law and seek for legal ways to bypass the taxes, even if having to get double citizenship. But I repeat again, Skrill, Neteller, Paypal etc won't let me process (deposit) such huge amounts. Neither via ach (paypal).

I tried your suggested website anyway. It redirects me to thelotter broker and sharplotto broker. Neither of them accept USA resident regardless of which passport does he/she (do I) have.

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In response to Timon

The payment method (e.g., Skrill) is not used for payouts.  If you win a large amount of money they hand you the actual ticket and you claim the prize yourself.

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