Is this a real system? (PB)


EXACTLY 12:27:17 today for four quick picks


Is this the secret to winning the lottery (or to be more accurate, today's Powerball)? Or is it pure superstition?


BTW I live in the same time zone.


Bumping this thread since it's almost 12pm


To win pick 3/4 u need mostly skills and a little luck.

To win a PB/MM jackpot, u need to dream the numbers like the lady from Trenton, NJ did. Bed

There's no such thing as a winning system, at least not for jackpot games.

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uh, yeah, but what about this guy?

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This is indeed a real system, it's called the 12:27:17 Lotto Lucky Time System. However, when using this system it's very easy to accidentally use the 12:27:18 system instead, which is only half as lucky.

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