Are rundown grids nonsense? No offense to believers.


They produce a lot of combos box and going up,down, and diagonal produces a lot of numbers.  Once you start going one direction for one number and cutting across the opposite for another and then back across for a third.  I mean then it becomes nonsense.  Did anyone play tic tac toe that way?

You can just look at hot numbers from recent draws and throw in a bunch of other numbers and create random combos. likely win just as often imo as any grid rundown.  No stats to back this up.  Just something I've always thought and decided to post now. Am I wrong or do grids really work?

Just so you know I've been playing draw games daily only for a month.  I'm still a noob and only found this site couple weeks ago.  Still learning.

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In response to BadLuck Matt

Grids are helpful in their own ways as are Stats,'s how you interpret, use the info..

But "throwing in" a bunch of other numbers with no methodical reasons for doing so, ascribes a "random" process,.. so you'll probably get "random" results..!

There are only 2 types of Gamblers...Habitual or Methodical...

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