My Unscratched Lottery Ticket Collection


Just sharing my collection, open to parting with duplicates. The majority of these are from the New Jersey lottery with a few being from Massachusetts which is where I am from. These are all unscratched issued by the lottery, not samples or voids, prizes can be won but not claimed as these expired in the mid 90's to mid 2000's. I have quite a few sealed books as well, never opened. Anyone else collect?

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You may have become a millionaire with one of those tickets, but will never know.

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Please post in the appropriate forum ... thank you.


A very interesting collection. I imagine these could all be worth quite a bit some day. 


As mentioned above, doesn't it bother you thinking that you could be sitting on a massive claim ticket?

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Looks like a mom and pop store inventory.... mmmmmmm

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very Interesting....


Very cool.  I have a few hundred tickets that I left “collector scratched”.  The QR/cash barcode is exposed, and nothing else.  Some are losers and some are winners that were already cashed.  I’d be willing to trade with you if you’re interested.  If you are, DM me.


Oh wow! How did you get your hands on those. Have you scratched any and are they worth any value? I would want to scratch them all. Lol just to know how much they were worth. Nice collection

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