Joker's wild in Indy. Hunt is on for sum 16.


Sum 16 is missing for 3 weeks and it's bound to hit soon.

Pairs to look for 08x 09x 44x. Indy is also missing all trough set, so watch trough pairs 00x 01x 11x 08x 09x 18x 19x 88x 89x 99x A split double might be coming too.

Eve: 000 005 055 244 249 299 334 339 348 389 447 479 488 555 799 889

6-way mirror set hasn't dropped in the last 5 draws, so that's also due.


831, due trough pair 18x hit, but still need an all trough set.

In response to the-joker

086, 08x.

In response to the-joker

180 is all trough set.

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