How often have you found yourself thinking or saying " This is the Year!"


The year when your stars align.Never, not often enough? 

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How about, "This is the night!"

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That's right music. Right now, at this very moment, one glance at all three jackpots* MM, PB & SLP amounts are retiring money for me, for us. l can't speak for others, but hitting any of those & it's " Seychelles here we come."  John Lennon is spinning in his grave, why you ask? Well you the first, of any one to answer this thread thus far. Oh coming back to John- His song...

" You may say l am a dreamer, but l'm not the only one.."  l guess we don't have dreamers in the forum.Big Smile only you & l. Approve


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Read where only 78 tickets our of every 1000 sold in the Euro Millions drawing the other night won something. And with the MM and PB odds being much higher, thinking "this might be the decade" might not be running through very many heads. LOL

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Once a year, right around January 1st LOL!!Yes Nod

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Imagine! Enjoying Seychelles to the maximum.

 A Lottery Post Member or staff deserves tonight's PB.

 Happy fortune hunting,


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