TRIPLES Number Strategy

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Ill be showing players how to spot Triples and how they are formed from my point of view.

Spotting Triples:

016=111   from Match and Mirror

126=111   from Match and Mirror

226=111   from Match and Mirror

006=111   from Match and Mirror

How they are formed:

220=111   Triple is formed here

002=111   Triple is formed here

Mirror`d  numbers bring Triples:






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Singles:478 489 348 349 347 128 178 138 039 457 356 345 279 469 034 125 458 278 089


Doubles:955 554 770 774 757 776  733 833 330 772 995 838 191 442 227


Triples:555 222 444  000

Congratulations on your hit, Triple 555

Thank You benir4u

555 was my first choice for triples  on the list. 


555 came from

504 on September 21

560 on September 13

646 on September 5

949 on September 30 was a trigger for triples , mirrored numbers

944 on October 1 was a trigger for triples , mirrored numbers





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What about 335,699?

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In response to lakerben

Hi Lakerben,


699= no triple here

Since Ive been playing pick 3 lottery for many years i learned a few number patterns  here and there.

So triples are formed by numbers going up or down  surround by there next digit.

I hope im explaining  my point of view clearly.

446=555  created

644=555  created

464=555  created

056=555 m&m

065=555 m&m

506=555 m&m

in any direction

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I will be posting triples from other states as examples very soon.

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In response to CESARFC2000

Please post a link to content in other threads — do not paste their content into your own posts!

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In response to Todd

Ok Thanks Todd

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Kentucky got 444 on October 4

On September 26, 553 came out bringing 444 

On September 22, 166 came out, trigger for triples

On September 21, 493 came out, bringing 444 from Match & Mirror

On September 15, 499 and 005 came out, triggers for triples

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Another example for a triple

Ohio got 000 on September 23

On September 22, 591 came out, This step is similar to a double, Surrounding digits of a triple with mirror of the third digit.

On September 21, 050 came out, trigger for triples

On September 19, 150 came out, bringing 000  from match & mirror strategy

On September 16, 191 came out, bringing 000

On September 12, 151 came out, bringing 000 from match & mirror strategy

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Another example of  spotting a triple

California 111 on June 15

On June 9, 061 came out 

On June 11, 055 came out

On May 31, 620 came out

Since there was no 220 or 002 before the 111,

it actually came out after on June 21 ,

Which would of been a good number to play.

061=111 From my match & mirror strategy 

055= Brings triples

620=Just like a double , Surrounding digits with or without mirroring  on 3rd left over digit

220=111 triple created here

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On October 12, 999 came out

On October 11, 084 came out

084=999 from my Triples Number pattern Strategy

On October 4, 444 came out

444=999 Triple number bringing a mirrored triple number

On September 21, 894 came out 

894=999 from my Match & Mirror strategy

On September 15, 499 came out

499=999  Mirrored Doubles bringing Triples


Since 008,880,884,004  didnt come out before the 999 came out

You can play these four numbers for a few days.

You can also create  a new number set from 999.

999=889-809-089-009 from my other strategy


Hi can u show example for Illinois please

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In response to Trisby1404

Hi Trisby1404,


Illinois got 222 on August 21

On August 20, 317 came out 

317=222 from my triple strategy 


On August 16, 372 came out in the am side

372=222 from M&M strategy


On August 16, 272 came out in the pm side

272=222 mirrored double numbers bring triples


On August  8, 027 came out

027=222  a zero can double or triple a number if the other clues are there.


On July 17, 133 came out

133=222 from my triple strategy


Since some numbers that are part of the Triple didnt come out before, then you would play them after the triple.This is just example of a triple number road map. If you see a 116 449 994 mirrored numbers ect... then  its possible for a triple to come out, just look for the numbers that would form that triple just like this road map going back 40 days at least.



On September 8, 337 came out 

337=222 This one is from my Match & Mirror strategy


On September 20, 217 came out

217=222  M&M  strategy


On September 21, 200  came out

200=222 a zero can double the number or triple the number if the other clues arethere.


On September 28, 113 came out

113=222 from  my Triple strategy

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Virginia is overdue for a trip! Do you see any of your patterns here? Numbers day and night starting October 1st.




StraightBoxedSumC SumRootL Wid8766782113243210/12/2019 Eve9811891889854210/12/2019 Mid501015666511210/11/2019 Eve332233888144310/11/2019 Mid402024666451310/10/2019 Eve7797792335233510/10/2019 Mid6644661667222510/09/2019 Eve1731371112623410/09/2019 Mid7655671889232110/08/2019 Eve5844581778414510/08/2019 Mid5944591889515510/07/2019 Eve5565561667111210/07/2019 Mid8200281001843110/06/2019 Eve5755571778213110/06/2019 Mid1191191112822510/05/2019 Eve9911991991855210/05/2019 Mid8898892557144510/04/2019 Eve8040481223841510/04/2019 Mid5755571778213110/03/2019 Eve8070781556841310/03/2019 Mid0990991889915510/02/2019 Eve8171781667742310/02/2019 Mid6800681445824110/01/2019 Eve6644661667222510/01/2019


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In response to Rosco757

I dont provide numbers.

The example i did for Illinois is explained in detail which is the best example for all states.

Good Luck

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any new updates for Ohio 


Hello. Do you have anything for Wisconsin.

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SC please!

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In response to Tripletsr

I'll be updating tonight all states that are requested. 

In response to CESARFC2000

Midday 6/28 580

In response to CESARFC2000

75 pair Michigan evening thank you again..If you can update Michigan thanks in advance ☘

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Attention all Players

try also my

Pick 3 Matrix One Strategy

So 225  was in the

CAPick 3 Matrix

And in the

Pick 4 Matrix.

I bought 25 tickets.

Won  $4,620 


Nohomework required 

If it's in Pick 4 also.

My third biggest

Prize amount

in 3 weeks.


In response to CESARFC2000

Evening 6/28 675

In response to CESARFC2000

Wow nice hit !!!!ahhh i hope you have them for CT please LOL


Awesome Cesar!!!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Trying to hit right now!


Please update NY. If you can also do Indiana I would appreciate it! I want to learn more about your pick 3 and Pick 4 Matrix.

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That is so really deserve it my do so much to help everyone else.

God Bless YouBlue Angel

In response to CESARFC2000

See Ya!Hello Cesar!  Blessings to you!!  Congrats to you on your wins!!  You have been blessed because of your unselfishness.  You take the time every night and day to show us (members on the LP) how we can also be winners by introducing us to your many...many strategies, and btw, they work. Wink  So, you deserve the KUDOS!!  WTG!!  Keep it up.



Please update KS & Missouri too Thank you!

In response to CESARFC2000

Wow! Congrats 👏👏👏

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