Doubles to Singles number strategy

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If one of the numbers you created came out before the Double came out, then dont play any of those numbers because none of those other numbers wont come out. Only one number from the five created can come out, i learned this from playing doubles .

The doubles can line up in any of those two directions. 88x or x88 only one direction is needed because it will be played in box type only.









To all pick 3 lottery players, now you can use CDDVD`s pick 3 lottery program he created for my Consecutive number strategy , Partial consecutive number strategy, and Match and Mirror number strategy. You can create new singles and doubles faster.

Just do some back testing for your state. 

To see how long it takes for a number created to come out.

So you dont have to play everyday.

If you see that a number you created came out already before the double you were using to create new numbers then dont play those numbers, go to the next double.

And same for singles to doubles.

Good Luck Players

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Examples coming up next ..................


On October 6, 177 came out


On October 7, 168 came out box win

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On October 3, 004 came out 


On October 8, 903 came out box win

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Florida mid day was 757

So I would play

856 858 859

656 658 659?

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757= just re arrange the double so it can be easy to make new numbers: 577 or 775






775-674-676-874-876-685 This direction is my favorite


If a double came out on  your new number results, 

Dont play that double , your only playing the new singles you created.

Out of the 4 or 5 singles  you created ,

Cross out the ones that are not on your workout results, using other strategies, and using Lottery Bible,Vtracs, and pair list from Lottolaughs.

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On October 4, 363 came out





On October 9, 374 came out

374 Straight win


347 box win


So depending on which way the player wants to use the strategy to create the new numbers 363,336,633 can result in a straight or box win.



Hello there I was wondering do anyone have any suggestions on what may be coming out in Virginia for tonight October 9 2019th I’m really hoping that 171 comes out song or 161 comes out soon and Virginia but anyone have any advice please help me out I need a good number for tonight thank you

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In response to Jaime1979

Try 449 based on my other strategy number triggers for doubles.


I just took a look at your state without  doing some homework.

I don't provide numbers for other states only california.

Just this one number I'll give you 449.

Good luck.

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On October 5, 828 came out





On October 9, 817 came out


817 straight win


781 box win


Again you can play both ways if you are on a winning streak or just play the number how it  comes out without re arrangement of numbers and play straight and box.

Enjoy and have fun

This strategy is one of my favorite also the number triggers for doubles on my other thread.

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On October 7, 322 came out




On October 10, 423 came out a straight win


Need cdvd to put it in Java

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What is it for 669 and 993? Thanks in advance

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In response to NY10

Hi NY10

CDDVD did put this in a program at the "Lottery Forum"

Thanks  NY10

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In response to meriwetherman

Hi meriwetherman,




In response to CESARFC2000

Need the link

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