fastest way to receive pick 3 results when playing out-of-state?


Hello all,


My question is simple; how do I receive pick 3 lottery results for a state the fastest? Can I call a convenience store that sells the lottery tickets in that state and get the latest results (say 3 minutes after the drawing)?


Much thanks to anyone that knows from experience etc...


Anthony C.

In response to downstairs

Check the forums after the drawings. I rely on fast results and I know others do to so I try to post results as fast as possible and other members do as well. In general, the lottery postDaily Numbers Games (Pick 3 and Pick 4) page ispretty quick at updating after the official state lotteries post their drawing results so I have it bookmarked.

The fastest way overall is to make of list of states have drawings live online like TX, NJ, NC and KY. Other states have webcast but I don't think they're live so you have to wait until they post the video which may be after they post their drawing results sometimes. Basically, all lotteries should to be required to have live drawings online and only use mechanical random number generators but that's another topic.  Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply, but I did already know the information you've provided. I would like to know if the convenient stores that sell the tickets get the results sooner.

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