Florida Pick 3 in Cuba


Hi !!

In Cuba there is no official government lottery, people play illegally Florida pick3.

It is played based on the 3 numbers that leave 000-999 and 1x450 is paid, but there is another way to play that is the one that most plays, it is with the last 2 digits of the 3 that come out that is if the number of the florida pick3 Evening was 123 which matters is 23.

Florida's pick3, you can play like this, and you pay 1x50

In Cuba this modality is paid 1x90.

People play 20 30 40 numbers from 00-99, sometimes they win sometimes they lose, what is said is that the bank (the one who rewards, a person with a lot of money) always wins.

Is there any method to beat that bank, playing the last 2 numbers of the pick3 of florida, based on paying 1x90.

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