Prof.Hitts Ready Reference Rundowns and Workouts (Green Book)

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Hello, is there anyone here on LP that knows  how to use this book effectively that does not mind showing me how to use it. I have had it for years struggling everyday trying to figure it out. I see the hits after the draw. If there is someone on LP that doesn’t mind showing me please help. I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks in advance.


What is the book

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123 Minus and Plus Rundowns small green book

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Please post in the appropriate forum ... thank you.

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Thanks for the links. I have searched the forums for years and have read what is out there. Nothing that really explains how to use it.

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Did A Google Search And Came Across These Results

This Is One Of The LP Results From The Above Link


Prof. Hitt's Ready Reference Rundowns Solved!!

After much studying and backtesting, I think I have found a way to use this book effectively that plays for a profit!

It's actually very simple......

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