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hello my name is Yolanda and I'm am dying to hit big in the lottery.

i need  some good numbers to play for mega millions pick 3 and 4

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Hi! Welcome to Lottery Post Yolanda. I hope you enjoy the lottery while you are here in Lottery Post and USAMega. Take your time. 

 Do you know Yolanda Vega the New York Lottery Spokeswoman? Once you hear her scream you will never forget it.


 Unless you are very lucky you will be playing to win for a long time.  This time is teaching me how to handle the millions of dollars that I also hope to win. Most people live pay check to pay check. They spend all they have on their wants, needs, etc. 

 To keep your millions you will have to have a different mindset. Thinking long term all the way up to your passing. How to make your winnings last and then go to your heirs.

Good Luck!!Dance

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2-12-22-32-42 + 2




Hello. My name is Iggerine  I am new to lottery post. I recently started running the numbers down for the pick 4 evening lottery. (Beginning of August)  I have hit the pick four eve 2 times so far. August 30th 9401 in the box and September 14th pick four 4001 box. My problem is I see the winners in my rundown after the drawings but have a hard time seeing them before the drawings. The winning number for tonight was at the very bottom of my rundown. It appeared as 5965 if I had played it that way I would have hit it in the box again. Do you have any pointers on how to focus better? Any advice would be appreciated.

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