Match and Mirror number strategy

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This strategy can be used in different ways for pick 3 games. 

For to create one or two  Singles, Doubles, Triples and Pairs.

Once you create your new number or pair , its up to you to decide to keep the one or two numbers to play for up to 10 days based on your homework like Workouts, Lottery Bible, Vtracs etc...

The following examples should explain it self also with the name of this strategy. You are matching two numbers and mirroring the third digit.

Only for creating a single or a pair you will unmatch a Double to create a number And for the rest is just match and mirror.

example:225-252-522 =120 and 320 creating one or two singles your choice

example:017-071-107-170-710-701 =112 and 002 creating one or two doubles your choice


I will be using California as an example. 


On August 16, 211 came out converting to 710  and 712

On August 17, 170 came out box win 



On July 31, 091 came out converting to 006 and 996

On August 6, 060 came out box


Doubles creating Doubles:

On August 13, 227 came out creating 112 and 332

On August 16, 211 came out box win



On June 9, 061 came out converting to 111

On June 15, 111 came out 

I made this prediction on my California pick 3 forum I saw number patterns for a triple to come out soon, then when 061 came out i changed my triple to 111.

Also Doubles creating Triples or Doubles to Triples


111=226 006


Single creating a pair:

On August 8, 870 came out converting to 885

On August 11, 850 came out

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Using this strategy for to create a pair and keep and mirror the digits is also good a use.

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In response to CESARFC2000

How does 211 equal 710,712..?

061 to 111.

061 mirror is 516.

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In response to lakerben

Match and Mirror 

Ill arrange the numbers for you so it can be a little more clearer.


127=112 or 222

Im matching the digits that are one off and mirroring the third digit to create a double or i can unmatch  a double that came out already to create a single.

New Mexico 

On July 30,283 came out converting to 333 and 232 

On August 15, 223 came out box win  but you can arrange for a straight win

This one of my strategies  for doubles.

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In response to lakerben

016=111 or 001

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Then 324 is



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For those players that like to play doubles  you need to have a Lottery Map for the doubles or use another strategy from lp with my Match and Mirror.

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In response to lakerben

 lakerben  you got it

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This strategy can be helpful in different ways.

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Ok Kentucky just got a triple 555  From August 19, 660

660=555 or 775 

Go up two or down two and match the third digit 

This one is  for creating Triples

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Illinois just had 222 on August 21 

On August 16  372 came out converting to 323 and 222

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Illinois again from before past dates.

On August 12, 555 came out 

On July 29, 504 came out converting 555 and 454

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New York 505 today 8-22-19

Coming from Double554 on August 13

554=055 box or re arrange for a straight

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Another example of a double creating another double.

On August 6, 060 came out converting to 111 and 919

On August 14, 199 came out box or you can re arrange for a straight.

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Nebraska got 090 on August 19

090=141 and 949

On August 22, 141 came out straight

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