Shout out to Sully16!

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Posting winners in all states, with a small amount of numbers to play.

Awesome job, because, it's 1,000 sets we could go  for and she has them narrowed to 20 and 1 set hits, even if it's a box hit, that's good.

If she has posted in your state, and you played her numbers?  You are a winner!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with lottery post players.

Thank you for posting on the Missouri thread!Banana


Good luck.


Greatly appreciated!

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BananaPartyWhat she posted yesterday, hit today!

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  1. SmashHurray!DanceRight along with cha!!!!!!   Thanks you so muchParty
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Thanks Sully16 for the MO posts and the HITS. Nice job.Big Smile

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Thanks Sully for MD post and all you do to help others like me, appreciate all you do

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Sully16 posted 3-3-3 for Missouri today!


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Awesome Sully!!!! Congrats

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Thanks Sully16 for your SC post! Greatly appreciate itHurray!

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Sully no matter what ur always there I can always depend on u to post on ky thread and get hits not only that I consider u a friend keep up the good work sending much love from myself and the Kentucky family

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OH my gosh, how wonderful MzDufflebaglady, thank you I am touched.

Thank you all for the kind words, Lovies

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I want to add, you all are awesome , thank you all again, my day is going to be great. Lovies

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Wonderful work sully16!Hurray!

Thanks for all you do to help LP.♥



I have been watching you!!  ... Smiles.

You are consistent in your averages in winnings.

I rarely post anymore, but giving you a Shout Out is a MUST!

Keep up the excellent work.

You ARE Appreciated more than you will ever know.


Big Shout out to Sully alllll the way from Kansas.... You doing awesome job from few list on numbers... I am always watching you


Thank you Sully16 for all you do in MO, a crazy state to try and win in.

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