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Has anyone else noticed that the percentage of winners in the Sacramento/Bay area is a lot more than you would expect. They must buy a lot of tickets in San Jose, Modesto, Sacramento????? 5 of 5 winners for the SLP. 2nd chance winners. The last 7's scratcher extra draw for 7 $7K prizes for instance. The number of winners for the scratchers 2nd chance winning the $25K or the $5K while everyone else gets the $1K's. Maybe it's just me?????? Also, why did the lottery stop providing videos of the SLP drawings? I can't find a reason on the website.

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Personally, You're on to something.  A major part of 2nd ticket 

entries winners are in Nor Cal.  Lurking


Not only that but if you look at the "remaining" prizes for the scratchers, the percentage of the remaining prizes $1000 and up percentages are quite a bit behind everything from $500 down to the tickets. The 1k and above have to be run through the lottery where as the $500 and down I suppose are logged in automatically when they are cashed. I suppose there could be some delay but I found another state (I think it was New Jersey?) that also shows the remaining prizes and the percentage of remaining prizes was very consistent all the way from the Jackpot to the smallest prize. 

Also, the "winners" that are on the website are old. I can make out the dates (barely) and they are no where near current. Where are the current winners? Pennsylvania's website lists every single winner from the jackpot down to the 1k's for every month. One other website for another state has a map with the location of all the previous winners. The CA lottery no longer shows videos of the draw games. They claim they are 2 expensive. Every other state lottery website that I looked at had videos of the draws?

I posted some time ago about a $20 game where the first 2 jackpot winners ($5M) were in Modesto. Modesto has about 250k people. The chance of 1 jackpot being in Modesto is rare but 2? And the first 2 at that. Some one else posted that they heard that a 3rd $5M was won in Modesto???? Before that posting you could search for $5M, $10M winners in CA and find out who won but soon after that posting it became difficult if not impossible to find any news about winners.

It just seems like there is a lot of winners in NoCal up around lottery headquarters? I'm just sayin'. You be the judge.

Running up to the recent $72M Super Lotto, which was won in LA, of the 35 5 of 5 winners starting on June 22nd, 13 were from the San Fran/Sacramento area. 9 were from LA. 3 were from San Diego and 9 were from other areas not close to a large city. What got me to notice was the drawing right before June 22. There were 5 5 of 5 winners and I noticed that 3 of them were from the SF/Sac area. That is not included in the numbers because I did not document it but if you include it you get 38 5 of 5 winners of which 16 are from the SF/Sac area. They must buy a lot of tickets.

I just think that the CA lottery would want to do everything that it can to make sure that there are no doubts about the integrity of the process. Not showing the draw videos? Not posting who and where the winners are? Posting remaining prizes that don't "seem" to be accurate? They say you are welcome to come view the Super Lotto draw any time you want but you have to let them know you are coming??????????

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Yea, your nose is right on point LuckyLou*..sounds rather suspicious to me too..!  I just posted yesterday that there needs to be some sort of Watchdog over Lotteries in General... Siting a story out of Fla. ,where a store clerk rigged the lottery terminal to spit out the winnings numbers, then got his brother-in-law to come by to by the ticket.. They were caught, .. So your observation does raise eyebrows..!! I also said that the Government gets a huge chunk of tax revenue from all jackpots, so, don't think they're gonna complain, or help keep watch...I once witnessed the hard drive of a borrowed laptop from a friend get copied in 6 to 8 sec...somebody was real interested in my lottery software weapons... Now who possesses that kinda equipment, with capabilities to do what I witnessed?... NSA, FBI,CIA?... maybe?...

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Probably a little more mundane than that. Something like Reno is closer to Sacramento while nobody in Death Valley is buying lottery tickets.


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In response to Stat$talker

You're not the only one that has lottery software.

Really, the NSA, FBI, and CIA don't give a rat's behind about your software, or anyone else's.

With the odds players are up against, the lotteries don't need to do anything but sell tickets and they make money hand over playslips.

Or, in other words, "I didn't win, so it's rigged".


In the last 2 draws for the California Super Lotto a 5 of 5 winner was in Turlock. Turlock is in Stanislaus County just down the road from Modesto. Where have I heard that name? Modesto The odds are 1.5M to 1 of getting a 5 of 5 winner. Once in Turlock would be phenominal. 2 times in a row???????? Come on.

It wouldn't be of much interest if Modesto (a freeway away from Sacramento where the lottery headquarters is located) didn't show up in the win column soooooo beyond the odds. Anyone living around Modesto who is not buying lottery tickets???????????? There are about 250,000 people in Modesto. The county is Stanislaus which has a population of just over 500,000. Compare that to California that has over 40M and the amount of winners in the Modesto area defies all odds. Stanislaus County has about 1.25% of the population of California but the number of winners of 5 of 5 and 2nd chance draws not to mention scratchers winners. Go to the website and look at the 2nd chance winners of past drawings and tell me it doesn't quack like a duck. The amount of winners in the Sacramento area including San Francisco, San Jose, Modesto and other smaller cities and towns in the area is, well, let me just say "surprising". 

By the by. The other 5 of 5 winner in the last SLP draw was in Geyserville just north of San Francisco.

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In response to LuckyLou*

Maybe there's a lotto addict in Turlock who buys an arse load of tickets every week.

You may also be suffering from confirmation bias, only remembering the locations of winners that support your theory that certain locales have an improbably high number of winners. Personally, I always thought the LA area was over-represented. If you want to put meat on the bones of your theory, make a public records request and map out the locations of the big winners over the past few years. You may be on to something, or maybe the data will show that it's random without any significant bias.


No one could buy enough tickets for what amounts to not lightening striking not once but twice in the same place. This is more like aliens landing in your backyard. The last drawing had another 5 of 5 in San Jose. Just too many winners in the Sacramento/Bay area to justify by any means. Recently there has been an up tick in the # of winners in LA. I have been looking at this for 10 years. I play with a group and I started to chart the mega #'s for the SLP. We get anywhere from 200 to 500 picks for one draw. The % of mega numbers is so predictable that I was able to pick 5 #'s out of the 27 mega's and 90% of the time one of them was the # drawn. Usually the % of mega #'s dropped to way below what 1 out of 27 would generate after the jackpot was won. Then when it got close to the holidays (xmas and the early summer holidays) the percentage of mega's would jump up to a % you would expect. The jackpot was won around the last 3 Xmas'. True, more people buy tickets because of the holidays and because the jackpot is usually up at that time but the jump in mega #'s is concerning. On the run up to the recent $72M win, around Memorial day the # of mega's went to the expected % and stayed there until the jackpot was won. As has happened before there was a jackpot winner 2 draws after the $72M win. You would expect sales to drop off after a big win and another win soon after would send the message that it is possible any time but the other time that happened it was a flash in the pan like I suppose this one will also be. Although, the last 2 draws had a normal mega # %. The last one was a 7 so you would expect that one to be heavy. Normally I wouldn't expect there to be a winner again until the Xmas, New Years holidays. Also, CVS and RiteAid get different scratchers than everyone else and for awhile there they were very difficult to scratch leading me to think that they were made some where other than where the rest of the tickets were made. The 2 drug stores get $20 scratchers in the 116xxxx to 118xxxx while pretty much everyone else starts off at 100xxxx to 102 or 103xxxx. Scratchers go from 100xxxx to i.e. if there are 15M tickets the last set of tickets should be in the 149xxxx set because there are 10K books in each set giving you 300,000 tickets in each set because there are 30 tickets in each book. It is not just the $20 tickets, the others are the same. I understand because they probably get a block of tickets??????? I don't know? It just seems like there are so many things that are questionable. Why don't they show videos of the draws? Every other state does. They say it is to save money but then you hear about the $350,000. Why when you look at the %'s of the prizes claimed for individual scratchers are the %'s of the top prizes that have to go through the lottery so far below the %'s of the tickets that are cashed locally. I looked at other states that report prizes claimed and their %'s are very even from top to bottom. If the prizes are even through out the tickets which you have to assume they are then the only conclusion I can come to is that the top prizes are being under reported. To what purpose? 

I am simply putting my observations out there with the intent of the CA Lottery knowing that someone is watching. As I said, I have already seen LA's wins pick up. I feel pretty certain that the lottery has software or they employ someone to let them know if someone has made any reference to them. I just hear this quacking and I can't help but think there is a duck somewhere around. I will continue to try to find that duck.


In California CVS Pharmacy, & Raley's Supermarkets with their automatic lottery ticket vending machines have a lot of winners. Lichine's Liquor & Deli in Sacramento is another place that has a following with serious players, mostly people who purchase scratcher ticket books. Tickets can be purchased at American Legion, & Veterans of Foreign Wars locations (VFW).


It seems like over the last month or two that the winners seem to be more equally distributed for the SLP unlike back around May and April and sooner. I am also seeing more winners of the top 2nd chance prizes like the $25k and $5k for the SLP 2nd chance being outside of the Sacramento/Bay areas.

The last SLP draw was a little light in Mega #'s for my tickets but looking at the draw results indicates that the mega #'s were there.

We shall see.

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Lucky Lou, et al:

Lottery winner from San Diego claims $522M Mega Millions ticket

 A day after Laarni Bibal purchased a Mega Millions lottery ticket at a local market in San Diego, news broke that a California ticket had hit the jackpot.

It was at that moment she found out the $522 million ticket was her's — an astounding revelation for Bibal, who lives in a state where ticket can be purchased in over 23,000 California Lottery retailers and more than 4,000 Lottery Lucky retailers.

But according to lottery officials, California's newest multi-millionaire "took some time to claim her ticket." Bibal sat on the ticket for weeks, after purchasing it in early June.

“My heart started beating really fast!” the lucky winner told state lottery officials. The ticket worth over half a billion dollars was purchased back in June at Sorrento Deli Mart, a market Bibal typically frequents.

When asked where she kept the fortune, she simply replied in a "secret hiding place."

There was no special method to landing the big win- it was merely a stroke of luck. The numbers were computer-generated throughQuick Pick: 27-68-17-19-40 and the Mega Number, 2.


Bibal opted for the cash rather than smaller annual payouts, so she'll take home $340 million before federal taxes, according to lottery officials. The market where the ticket was purchased will also collect a retailer bonus of $1 million for merely selling the ticket, which is separate from Bibal's winnings.

Though the initial amount seems large, the amount that gets pushed to your bank account is significantly less. Lottery winnings are treated like ordinary income, which means winnings are taxed the same as wages or salaries. The entire amount of either annuity payments or lump sums must be reported on tax returns.

In most states, lottery winnings subject to federal and state income taxes, according to Forbes. California, Delaware, Florida, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wyoming are the exceptions. Those states either have no state tax on lottery prizes or have no income tax.


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Good post Edessaknight!

From the article, for the anti quick pick crowd;

There was no special method to landing the big win- it was merely a stroke of luck. The numbers were computer-generated throughQuick Pick: 27-68-17-19-40 and the Mega Number, 2.


I posted the winners for 09/20 here and also the reasons why no one wins.. Its not a mystery so much as a CONUNDRUM.

But I still posted the winner numbers combinations before the drawing, even if getting them on a ticket is near impossible.

9/20  Mega result 23 24 42 48 53 mb 22  SOLARIS PREDICT PERFECT!!!!!

CJX 23= 55- is 23/24/53/22  55- for four winners   Also 18- and 12 for 42 48  for 6 winners  (you will have to round by 30/1 to get winners)

CJX listed 23= 55- 18-38 40  45 31 20 12   WINNERS CJX ROUNDED ARE 23= AS 23/22  55- as 54/24*18- as 48 and 12 as 42

 SOLARINE 21= 18 24= 28+ 1 8 11= 14= WINNERS SOLARINE are 21= as 22 and 24= as 54 and 23/53 and 11= as 12/42 and 18 and 48

CJX AND SOLARINE COMBO  (#s in both list)  23/24  21=/20  18  1/31 8/38  11=/12  14=/45   

Now this lottery was extremely hard to get, as four numbers cluster paired at 23/22/24 and 53/23  and as well 24/42/48.  very much in doubt anyone won,I avoided playing for the jupiter squ neptune (lots of missed hopes and fantasy expectations)..and the saturn opposite Node (very difficult world climate.. which includes 6 tropical storm/canes a record numberand heavy rain watering of East Texas by Imelda.

Sun in Virgo and Moon in Gemini declines exactness but surely is multiplicity and combinations such as 22/23/24.           My question continues to be about this cluster pair multliplicity of digits and numbers, and how or why the lottery is able to produce such rare and "Strange" combinations on a continuous basis which is evidenced in nearly every drawing.  Hard to reveal the truth, but I strongly suspect the 4D control of alien/reptilian agents at work here because the lottery designers cannot hide this from view even if they are or were able to manipulate all balls and players win choices scanning before the drawing, which we see only in results. 

What I would like to see is them (whoever it is) stopping all this collusion.  But that would mean all of them, the government, big business, religion marketing ploy, alienations, and world corrupted human money players. 

GOOD LUCK..  but at least your now all in on the Joke. 


Started to look at the Fantasy 5 and Daily 4 winners. Not so sure that things have changed.

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