Bluskov Sys 73 CO C-5 All 5 numbers


So tonight in CO C-5 I had 20 numbers riding on the draw. Used Bluskov 78 (26/28). Draw was for 5 numbers in my set. Had 32 combos as required. Won a staggering $27. Does that seem low. I looked at win tables for 26/28 and it is possible but seems remote. Thoughts, before I swallow my calculator:)

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j!464... If you are referring to the $27. as a low payoff,.. then you most likely didn't have all of the correct winning numbers... Bluskov's wheels work,  I'm a big fan of his work, and personally communicated with him concerning his wheels...     You have to have 2 prerequisites to be successful at your lotto game...

 1.correct number selection. (Statistically feasible)       

2.Combinatorical wheels.(trap the numbers)

...Now?, do you analyze your game?..                         


Thx. Yes I doubled checked both transcription and winning numbers all being in my set. No doubt I had all five and transcribed all wheel entries/tickets. I have read his book twice and found it helpful. $27 is possible given the win tables but quite remote? Very frustrating because not an obvius learning experience.

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