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Hi, Everyone:

How can quickly and easily get the complete information about all the states in the United States that can play lottery (mainly PICK-5 & PICK-6) online instead of checking the lottery pages of each state one by one?

I would appreciate greatly any help!

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You could Google "Which states have online lotteries?" or something similar like "US online lotteries" to get the complete details. Sites may differ but at least one says:These states all offer draws games (except Pennsylvania which offers instant wins). 

GA Lottery
IL Lottery
KY Lottery
MI Lottery
NC Lottery
ND Lottery
NH Lottery
PA Lottery

Online Subscriptions Only

MD Lottery*
ME Lottery
NY Lottery
VA Lottery

Link is a betting site so no dice on posting it.


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With The Illinois Lottery, you can purchase tickets all the State draw games + MM/PWB.  To actually purchase the tickets, you need to setup an account with a Illinois address and MOST IMPORTANT you need to connect with an IP from Illinois. If you use AOL/dialup (who does?), you can't use it to buy tickets. There is also issues with VPNs.

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Saw where the Minnesota Lottery was one of the first to sell tickets Online, but suspended sales when their legislators voted to make Online sales illegal. Players must be physically in the state to play Online, but not sure if they must be in the state to collect any winnings.

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Nice! Not only give me the fish but you teach me to fish.

Thank you so much, garyo1954!!!

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Thank you, Sarge0202! 

According to your information, it seems that only the residents of Illinois can play the game online,

is it true?

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It seems that Minnesota is the same as Illinois.What?

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In 2011 the Justice Department ruled the Wire Act of 1961 applied to "sports betting" only and opened the door for state lotteries to create Online wagering. But in January the JOD basically reversed the 2011 ruling.  And even after the NH Lottery sued, Internet gambling across state lines is prohibited and why players must physically be in those states. 

Lottery and overall Online gambling depend what "big brother" decides in the future.

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After searching, I found that only six states in the United States have passed online lottery bills now:

Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire.

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In Michigan you have to have a Michigan address (they make you send a copy of your Michigan ID) and be physically present in the state to purchase tickets.

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Oh, my God, this means very few States lotto (maybe 2 or 3 only) can be really played (pick5 and pick6) online by us now! Thud

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