What kind of house would you really want if you won the lottery?


If I won the Powerball or Mega Millions, actual house I would want to live in for the rest of my frikkin life is this


a library house.  One master bedroom with bathroom, a small separate bathroom for guests, a kitchen dining room area.


then the rest of the house a huge library to walk around in with a small bed sleeping area to doze off in.

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Will you show off your home on this show?

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I will look at Ranch Style homes. No second floor. No stairs. 

 Plenty of land. Maybe for a rescue dog or two. They can keep each other company. Small dogs.

 Artificial lawns. 

 Two car garage.

  Plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms. 

 An open concept in the living area.  A large kitchen. 

 Plenty of space all around the property and inside as well. 



A spacious home with a mega master bdrm,

large bathrooms

Lots of land

Privacy fence (I like being nude)

Gated entry

Manicured lawn 


Great topic!

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98% solar/wind/hydro efficient. One floor living. No open floor plan. Cement structure (hint, no termite damage

or fire worries). Well except when I burn the bacon ..:(


I just can't stand paying utilities. So self Sustaining. . Efficient.  Structurally sound. 

 Now to win the major jackpots to build that HOME.

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plenty of interesting places in Florida, that is if you like gators and them dammed love bugs 

as for me, would love to find that nice farm/ette in the deep woods or maybe that mangled old building in need of a 2nd life

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You should not make plans that depend on Winning the Lottery before you know that you actually Won!

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I do occasionally dream about gators, but cant say I'm too fond of them. On the other hand deep woods doesn't sound bad.

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👽not without it's charms, CD 

but I still say one can do better for 1/5th the price, if you don't mind a bit of creative DIY and etc etc 

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I was on that site just a few days ago, looking at a Hawaii property link a mutual LP friend of ours had sent me and saw this property for sale: Molokai Ranch 

If you can't afford that, then you might be interested in this nearby property T. Boone Pickens'  Mesa Verde Ranch.  It's a "little" larger, but ten million bucks cheaper. Probably take a lot fewer people to run it, too, than would that Molokai Ranch.

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Will your property sell quickly after you pass on? 


I'd love to have a home with plenty of space, a nice, spacious kitchen, double staircase, dining alcove, deck, and unobstructed views from every room.  For an elegant touch, I'd like to get cove lighting in a few rooms, i.e. family room or entertainment area.

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I dunno; I wouldn't want either of those places.  The Hawaii property has "too much" going on and I don't care if it made millions/yr., I wouldn't want the headache. Pickens' property, other than the house, is not all that special, at least not to me.  I dislike that all the water his fancy improvements use has to be pumped out of the ground and re-circulated with pumps that are probably pretty expensive to run.  Lots of gas wells on the place (a few I helped drill) but I don't think they're making all that much right now, not with the price of natural gas being so low.

As for it selling quickly after I kick the bucket;  I'm fairly certain I won't care by then.


Custom build with finished basement, a hot tub, and a wood fired pizza oven lol.  Nothing over $1,000,000

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