The last six drawings of the powerball, 30 different numbers have hit. This has only happened twice since the new format(Oct. 7th, 2015). The other time was 8/20/2016 - 9/7/2016...The 9/10/2016 drawing produced four numbers from the previous six drawings..So if you're going to play Saturday, July 13th...Use the last six drawings. I would throw in a back to back number also. A back to back numbers hasn't occurred in 8 drawings. 



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This is back to back drawing results...283 times/Zero back to back hits.........95 times/One back to back hit....14 times/ 2 back to back hits. 



We had one repeat from the previous drawing. It was 68. Only 3 numbers hit from the 30 different numbers that had hit in the previous six drawings. I hit two. I played powerball numbers 22-26 and 21 hit..That figures. So I got nothing back. I'll keep plugging away.


Thanks for reporting back. I might add no consecutive numbers either.


So here's the new count for the last six drawings in the powerball...There are 42 numbers that HAVEN'T hit..24 numbers that have hit once and three numbers that have hit twice...So this looks more back in line. I have two drawings back all the way up to 30 drawings back done..So I'll look for ranges that are not in line and post them later. 

In response to Cmoore50

The Number 68 has hit in three straight powerball drawings. That is the 10th time a number has come up 3 straight (since new format.. Oct, 2015). Two straight is up to 97 times(above image shows 95..add two since that post). On another subject. 19 and 47 hit...they were 2 of the 7 numbers that haven't hit in 28 or more drawings. Play the triple hit(68) and combine it with the 7 non hitters(19-31-47-51-55-58-69) and you got yourself a 3 bagger, out of only 8 numbers. WOW!!! I's easy to say all this after the fact. I need to dig deep into my data and find the best plays out of the least amount of possible numbers. I battle between my lottery spreadsheets and playing the ponies. Both very time consuming..LOL!!!




Here's the powerball numbers and how many times they have hit in each position. Number 1 has come up as the 

1st ball 6x...2nd ball 4x..3rd ball 3x...4th ball 4x and 5th ball 11x. Just a little something I created in excel last night.



This is 38 powerball drawings from 7/24/2109 going back. The 2's represent the numbers that hit twice in three drawings but skipped a drawing. So 23 hit on 7/13/2019 for the second time in three drawings. It's first hit was on 7/6/2019. On 6/22/2019, there were two repeats..11 and 14...On 5/25/2019...2 and 66 repeated. So in 38 drawings, there were 14 numbers that hit twice with a skip in between. Two drawings, it was a double repeat. Ok, I just went through the data since October, 2015....Single Back to Back hits=97 times...Double back to back hits=14.....single hit-skip-hit=119 times...Double hit-skip-hit=13 times...So the skip play is better..Going to look at a double skip next and so on and so forth..We'll see where this goes..


There’s been nine triple hits in a row. So technically those aren’t a hit-skip-hit. So taking those away from the above figure.

That makes it 110 real Hit-Skip-Hits. Still more than the 97 single back to back hits.

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You’re gonna find a lot of 2.  3.  And. 4.  skips, butl let us know where that happens the most.  The 20’s,   ... the 60’s ....?, also keep in mind, that, those sort of things come and  go


I finally figured out a formula to make the skips easy to look up. I'll post the rest of the skips tomorrow night. It's almost 1am and I work at 7am..Yikes!!! I took today off anyway. Half day vacation and called off the other half..LOL!!!

Hit-Skip-Hit...113.....Double ..11




I was thinking..Why not do the same search for three numbers in a ten number search? Back to Back...Draws 1-3,2-4,3 thru 5, etc....then 1-4, 2-5,3-6...If my math is right..It would take 119 tickets..PowerBall with Powerplay..A whopping $357..Ouch, that hurts. Just round it up to 130 tickets..At least the powerball would be covered 5x.


I have seen where the century number 19 and decade years are drawn. 19 likes same decade numbers. Not entirely sequential, but subsequential, years in the same decade.

Years 1922 thru 1929. 22 is a White Ball, & Powerball.

I will play for Saturday:  WB  19 - 22 - 24 - 27 - 29  PB  22


Here's the powerball skip data for the last 42 drawings. This gives you an idea of how each drawings skip data looks like.

Line 2...8/17/2019 powerball drawing was 30-60-24-18-21(it's in my skip order)....B2B (30)..8 Skips(60)

13 skips(24)...16 Skips (18, 21). The 16 skip is a 32 because it hit twice..Triples are included also in blue. Line 6 has a triple (11 x 3 = 33). Now the temporary

total line counts how many skips hit in each drawing. A five means that the drawing is done. A four could be done if there was a double skip. Once I continue this

and count all the skips. The total line will be final no matter what. Number 34 didn't come in for 111 draws. That might be the longest no hit number. So if I go

that far. This might take awhile. On another note..look how hot the 8 skip line is..5 straight and last 11 of 16. If you were to look up the 8 skips before last 

nights drawings (8-17). There were two 8 skips..43 and 60..I checked for the next drawing..There are four possible 8 skips..5-26-36-64

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