Predicting winning numbers? Fact or fiction?


Hello again everyone. I've missed everyone and been gone for far too long. Life seems to happen sometimes. I had to let go of all the lottery work I had been doing and, well, to be honest, I WISH I knew what has happened. "Life" happened is all I can say. I am back at it again now though and my head first, all or nothing mentality makes me jump right in head first. It's all I know. I know where this poll is going to start off. I just wanted to see if there are any "real believers" out there still/yet.

Personally, I've seen what "CAN" be done. I've seen with my own eyes thru the creating, work, testing, looking for, checking, etc. la di da that I've put into finding out. If anyone has/had seen any of the posts I put on here before, you've seen I only play a set of numbers at a time on the pick 3 or 4. Usually right there on the numbers. I personally DO NOT want to play 30 or 40 sets at a time. I don't see anything wrong with that, it's just not what "I" want. So before anyone thinks I'm putting that down, I can assure you I am not. It's just not who I am. It's just not want what I want. I want, am looking for and have only been working towards concrete. I've seen enough to "believe" it's possible enough to where I know it can be done I'll say. I'm sure there are plenty on here that think it can be done, or there's a lot of this place that wouldn't be here. How many "really" believe it can be done though. How many of you have worked and worked and seen your work show what to play. If you have, how many times has your brain talked you out of that number, or those numbers that did show up. I just did it myself with that 26 Powerball alone that just hit. Again. Talked myself right out of it. Again. My work told me more than one time it was going to repeat, but my brain told me more than one time that it wasn't going to repeat. What do I/we listen to? Why is it so hard to just listen to what our work says and go with it? Is there something "programmed" into our mental psyche that tells us we are seeing wrong?  My charts told me the info I needed to see in more than one spot, without question and all I had to do was put one letter into my excel book and there was the only option to play for the Powerball. It left no other number to pick for the Powerball number. My brain said "NO" though. If even one number can be narrowed down to a concrete pick that hits, that tells me that it unequivocally can be done for all of them. I know I'm not the only one on here or anywhere that has had this happen. I know that. I also know that had my life not changed like it did to where I could have worked on these games like it did, I would have at least won the Powerball jackpot on the 11th. YES. All 5 numbers with the Powerball correct. I actually DID listen to what my charts said for once and there was errors in my work. That wasn't a brain programming error of non belief. It was a brain error that caused a programming error. Like I said, sometimes life just happens. I went thru and checked all my books when I saw what the outcome was and that there was an error/s. The error/s put me exactly opposite of what my choices should have been on some picks. Like I said, the 26 Powerball that was just drew again, for the second time in three draws, (the 11th then again on the 18th) was right there. It was the only choice I had to play for that pick and was an error on my part. With these books I made, I noticed that certain draws I would be a game ahead. Like here on the 4th draw. I won't say how my charts work right now, but this was my picks for the 1st. Had the 6, the 16, was one off on the 22 for the 23 and one off on the 61 with the 60. Got REAL close on the Powerball pick though. It hasn't been just this draw that this has happened. This has happened in a pattern for me, so I knew there was something wrong, but, there was SOMETHING THERE. Had my junk been correct and I played these on the appropriate draw, not got off on my even/odd for the 23 and 61, would'a been a pretty good lil payday. I know, I know. Shoulda, woulda coulda. It is enough for me to know it can be done though. Had this happened once here and there, I woulda said, "sure, it was just coincidental". My testing on what work I have done, shows it a repeat, which tells me it isn't a coincidence. I don't believe in coincidence personally anyway. If the good Lord above knows every step we are going to make, how is there coincidence. I've seen way, way too much in my 45 years that shows me there is no such thing. That may just be me though.

There is two and only two constants in these games. There will be an even OR an odd number drawn for each pick. That's it. The numbers can go up or down. They can also stay the same in a repeat. That repeat can throw a monkey wrench into the mix. We do know the even/odd is a constant though. If you can narrow down the even/odd alone for each pick, you've cut your number base in half right there. Some are going to say that if you cut out numbers to play, you're cutting out a possible pick. That is true. You are also cutting out what not to pick though. You're going to have to make a choice on what to play anyhow, so might as well pick one right? Unless you can afford to pick every combination, and if you can afford that, why bother playing. You've gotten enough. LOL. Like everything in this life, we're all going to have to make a choice one way or another. On something. On most things. That's why I don't believe in a grey area. Like even/odd, it is going to have an outcome one way or the other. If there is a grey area, what good is it? Is it safe? Maybe. Does it get you/us anywhere? If one could figure out how to beat "random". If one could figure out how to determine "random". WOW!!! It'd be like Tin Cup wouldn't it. How many people remember who won the Powerball, but how many would remember who figured it out? I do remember the one guy with the cowboy hat that had so much trouble, but I couldn't tell you his name without Googling it. It's more about doing something that no one has been able to do. As far as I know anyway. For me, it's about showing people that we CAN do something. We CAN do anything if we believe enough. We have to pick one way or another though. No ones going to tell me different and me believe it.

So make a choice. Or don't. LOL

I was going to put three choices for the poll. Either yay or nay or I'm trying.  If there is a grey area, I guess that would be it. I'm trying would have to be there is a way, or you wouldn't be trying would ya.

I'm just an ole' ugly dumb hillbilly so what do I really know.

It's good to be back, and we're going to do something.

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Whoever said small-town life was a small life never lived in Burnsville, NC. The town offers living situations and outdoor experiences that go above and beyond the norm, presenting you with many opportunities to:

Live the Life You Choose.

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Glad to have you back here at LP G-Fox.  There are a handful of members here that I value their opinions.  You are definitely one of them. 

Not sure if your sub-conscious mind telling you the following:  "don't play you'll never win anything" or the "numbers you selected are incorrect".

I think you have to battle the inner forces if you will and follow your initial decision to go forward.  I'll give you an example, on 1/22/1992 I was on my way home from work.  I had a list of Pick 3 numbers to play.  I wanted to play but "outside forces" that told me NOT to play (you'll never win, your numbers will never come in, etc.).  I decided to stop and play my numbers.  I had 6 straight numbers 1-1-3.  113 up until that point never were drawn in the entire Pennsylvania Pick 3 game (look it up).  1977 to 1/22/1992. 15 years.  113 is my daughter's birthday 1-13 (January 13 113)

So what inside me decided to play? 

Here is another example. A harness race track Brandywine Raceway in Delaware closed 1989.  I decided to go to the last day of racing before the racetrack closed and was converted to a shopping center.  Had the racetrack survived and when the state of Delaware approved casino gambling the track would still be racing today.  ie Delaware Park and Harrington.  Ok so I went to the final day of racing.  Stayed until the final race.  Decided to play the trifecta.  My choice was to play all the high odd horses in the race.  So I had my list and my choice was to play "box" or "super box" trifecta.  My mind told me I would never win and should not play. I decided to go ahead and play the "boxed" trifecta and not the "straight" trifecta.  The choice was 18 dollars vs 36 dollars.  So my $18 dollar "boxed" ticket paid $2,600.  The "straight" paid $18,000.  Don't get me wrong.  I was glad to win $2,600 bucks.  But kicking myself for NOT spending another $36 for $18,000.

So what causes us to play or not play?  Fear of losing money?  Past loses that is ingrained in our brain that tell us we'll never win?

Why are some people who buy and trade stocks do this professionally? No fear of losing.

You can probably apply this to other types of professional gambling if you also consider the stock market gambling.

Does it come down to education and knowing you have the "edge" when you put down the cash to play?

I would think their are books that try and explain this.

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I keep an open mind about the existence of winning systems and I look a the systems people post with an open mind, but I think if someone found a truly winning system -- meaning it allowed one to make a profit rather than just break even or win slightly more than the norm -- they would not be well-served by sharing it freely or for profit. Because if they shared it and more people started winning the lottery, the lottery would notice and respond by changing the way drawings are conducted, and then the system would no longer work. Like Aesop's goose.

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So good to see you, Greenfox!See Ya!


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In response to cottoneyedjoe

This is true. If there was a winning system that allowed the player to win on a consistent basis, it would not be a good idea to hand out that information on a public forum. On the Pick-3 postings, I have seen members post a list of numbers that would appear on the midday and evening drawings. I started to treat the Pick-3 games as I would treat a Stock Portfolio in which I do not change my holdings everyday. The best way to win is to stick to the numbers you play. Another thing to avoid is playing too many sets of number because it will diminish your returns. I tend to avoid playing the scratch off tickets as I feel that those are rigged to be losers than winners 98% of the time. 

I have been playing the Pick-3 games(on and off) for 4 years. In the past year alone, I have learned so much about the nature of the game than I ever had in the previous 3 years combined. Do I believe that predicting the number helps with winning? Yes.


hello, you can use the combination of two patterns in pick3
  higher / lower / even with repetition in the position
  of even / odd is equal
  example last draw
341 = last
721 = next
note that you have repeated the pattern in the 1st position,
  repeated the pair pattern in the 2nd position, and repeated
  the digit itself in the 3rd position
there were therefore three repetitions in the positions
two repetitions of the same pattern (even) and one repetition in the same digit,
we can mount this filter in excel


before every megamillions and pb draw I generate 5000+ sets (just on my computer) based on picking odd / even, mix of numbers never picked, picked once, more than once and a bunch of other patterns and also every draw it beats a list of 5000 random numbers I picked using a random number generator. 


My algo never got the 5 first numbers but it gets 3 and sometimes 4 often and sometimes fails altogether like recent mega million numbers were very out of the past pattern


10 50 55 56 58   mega 15

11 59  66  67  68   mega 18

In response to Raven62

Hello Raven62,

There's NOTHING in Burnsville. LOL. It's a blink town. Blink, and it's gone. They got a bike lane now though and a newish 4 lane bypass for the 40 vehicles that are there. There's a few METHamaticians running around there also. Like most places these days. It's really a little more city than I like. I'm more in the woods here, OUTSIDE of Burnsvegas. For now anyway.

Good to hear from you!

In response to winsumloosesum

Hey winsum,

I'm NEVER good enough in my mind. For whatever reason. It's just part of my programming I guess. Not scared a bit to try though. Not scared of anything on this planet. I don't know what it is, I know when the mind is right, ones hard to beat. It's getting there that's the hard part I suppose.

So what inside me decided to play? 

It has to be the need to try. We are all looking for something better I guess. A lot of people are. They say gambling is bad, but It's pretty much all a gamble isn't it? Life, I mean. We gamble on everything making our life better in a sense. Every decision is pretty much a gamble. I know there's a lot of "bets" I've made that I regret more than laying a $20 down on a lottery ticket. We have to try or what's even the point.  I don't really have a fear of losing is what doesn't make sense. The losing, unless losing everything, (which I don't play enough to lose everything), is a lot less stressless than winning would be I'm sure. Especially with the kind of cabbage the powerball or such would bring. I don't really fear the stress of that either. I know how to say yes and no and sharks is the only thing on this planet that puts any fear in me. Until they can walk or fly, I don't have to worry about that I don't reckon. Personally, I value the good attributes that God has given me and the ideas He gives me to try and putting those to use more than the money. Kind of like I can use it to actually do something in this life and be deserving. The money would be nice, but who REALLY needs $300 million? That's more money than some countries have. I think what it really is is just that. That in my mind, He gives me the ideas to try, but maybe I'm not really worthy enough to actually pull it off. IDK. I've always been pretty hard on myself anyway. Just a walking conundrum I am.

But kicking myself for NOT spending another $36 for $18,000.

That's what gets me with gambling, or life in general. We let the fear of a few dollars keep us from a bunch of them. Or a fear of the small stuff in life keep us from the big in life. It makes no sense at all. Out of the 307 times the PB jackpot has been won, I don't believe there has been one winner that didn't play. We'll just keep on trucking I guess.

In response to cottoneyedjoe

Hello cottoneyed one,

Open minds are our only hope of winning. Open minds can't be closed up in a box though so we have to search out of that thing. I've wandered how many are actually on this site, or just came looking to find someone that has a way and can give them some numbers that will win. There are plenty of people out there that has to think there is some kind of way.

But yeah, you're correct. A system that could or would win at any time would not be smart to put out there. That wasn't a plan of mine if i ever did make it happen. I would never care a bit to give some winning numbers out now and again though . Maybe not on a jackpot game or something like that, depending on who it was, probably would, but 3 and 4 draws, sure. There's plenty enough in the world to go around. Plus some out there could really just use the money or even the acknowledgement that they did win something helps some.

But no, not going to kill the goose here. Would love to pass out some of those eggs though.

Thank you for the reply!

In response to Harve$t Moon

HARVEST, HARVEST, HARVEST!!! So, so great to hear from you!!! The valkyrie I have missed!!! (From one of our early conversations there.)

Really is great to hear from you!!!


Hello darthfury78,

From my most favoritist movie ever I'm hoping? (So I don't look like a complete idiot.) Plus the world always needs more Star Wars fans. You know, it's not that popular. LOL.

No, it wouldn't be the best decision to put out a system that could win consistently.

There's quite a few that play the same sets. There's always more than one way to skin a cat. I have an uncle that plays that way and he hits often so I know that works also. I've looked to win, like all here, but have been looking for "it" i guess you could say. To see if it actually could be done. Like you learning more in the past year, it's the only way to know. We have to work with it to find out for sure. I've seen enough that I have no doubts it can be done. If one can predict two of three better than 50% of the time, there has to be a way. My excel book beats 50% on the pick 3 all to pieces as far as that goes and you just have to put the last two sets of winining numbers in it and let it run. It will only put out one set for the 3 and 4 per draw which is all I want to play on those draws anyway. I usually play 5 picks with the same numbers on each ticket. Even if I played each a combo as they call it here, which is $6 a ticket, and hit 5 times that's still $30 making $2,500. Nailing that third digit each time through an automated sheet is the problem though. It is all a learning process though.

Scratch offs are pretty much as you say. Got to be at the right place at the right time with those. I've done fair on them in the past. They're pure luck though. That's pretty close on the percentage of their winning, and or losing. About 2 out of 10 wins. They are usually back to back and how they get the odds that they do. Worked at a store that sold them years ago and that was about the average. 10 $5 scratch offs is $50 and if ones lucky and gets 2 wins, it's usually a $5 and $10 win. Even with a $20 win, you're still in the red. They prey on the "new" tix out a lot also. Most has to have the "shiny new" in this world today it seems. But, it's like the rest of it, you don't play, you don't win. Saw a lot of people buy $300 and $600 full books and lose badly. Saw and have bought one and won well. It's part of it.

Thank you for the reply!

In response to dr san

dr san,

So good to see you again also!

Yes, there are many ways to decipher what's coming next. That was some of the first work I done with excel. Still use similar on the bigger draws. That's the random of it. Those repeats. They are more common than what hasn't showed up to be honest. From what I've seen I think it's kind of like how life it's self works. Like a magnet. The positive/negative pushes apart and sends one digit one way, draws another closer and keeps one in limbo. Time it's self is counted and kept up with numbers. Time moves forward constantly. Our past is also still there in the background though. One ball is drawn in a matter of time, then the second, etc. The first numbered ball is future, and at a given time, but quickly becomes the past once ball 2 is drawn. There is a section of time in between each that spins each to the top and out of the machines. I believe in that time is what makes each ball what it is. Like they are supposed to come out at a certain time as if one could hone in on the time, month, day, year and use that to know. It was a big reason I use the roots for my 3 and 4 draw books. The roots are the inner makings of each number, if you will. Like planting a tree. The roots stay in the ground and the tree branches out many different directions, producing different amounts of branches and leaves. So I looked at the roots as the basis of my work. I take common "seeds" from each root and try to blend them together in a sense to produce the next branch and set of leaves.

Let me ask you this, if they held each 3 and 4 draws at just random times during the day/night, do you think there would be any way possible to predict what's next? Do you think it would be easier? Or make no difference?

Does 6 or 9 show up in the next draw after this? Possibly the 8 and maybe 0 or 5? Not necessarily in that order. I say 6 or 9 because they are even odd counterparts. The 8 is 3 other half. 0 and 5 are counterparts also. Not sure when this draw was. There is seven 5s in the root of 7. Four 0s in the root of 7. Which combined that.s nine of the 0 5 counterparts. Four 6s in the root of 7 with the fist digit after the decimal a 6. Three 9 in the root of 7. That's seven combined of the 6 and 9. There is four 3s in the root of 7. NO 8s at all. Maybe 6 or 9 as the second ball drawn? I've not run anything on these numbers. Just the root of 7 on my calculator. 4s root is 2 and I've seen it effect the next digit to many times. Or use the previous in the same position to produce results. Just guessing on the sets you provided.


Thank you for your reply dr san!!!

In response to AdvancedAlgos

Hello AdvancedAlgos,

I like the way your going at it. Your going at it with a reason. Looking for an answer to a question. I wander if your sets are beating the random generated because your using actual data from what is actual draw sets from an actual happened instance of an existing "thing". Is the random generated from something that is not an actual "thing" and just threw up in the air, out of the blue doing worse because that's just what it is? It has nothing to do with what IS real and has occurred. I never could understand the random number generators involvement with an existing lottery game. I know the lottery is "random", but IT IS a living thing in a sense. It has a name. It has a particular time and days that it occurs. It is a "thing" that exists separate from other ideas.

Have you used the random generated set and ran a random generated set against it using it's data and found anything different? Maybe run a set of generated data at certain times and test that against an original set of random?

Or run a set of actual data at the same time of day/night on each day/s or given day/s? Or a set every hour or so of actual real data or spread it out and see how it does? See if a particular time did better/worse than another?

That'd be something I'd be interested in trying. Provided I knew how to make a random generator. Which I do not. LOL.  It's all I can do to get excel to add 3 and 4 for an answer.

It sounds like you're onto something though. I'm just running my trap like most of the time and throwing out ideas. Which I'd say you've probably already tried. But,,, just in case. Not trying to be nosy or anything like that.

Thank you for the reply member Algos!

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Can someone give me any data or opinions on waiting just before cutoff to play national games like PB, MM, LL etc.?

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In response to Greenfox

Because, just as when you add for example, 2+2.. the answer WILL be "4"...So just as the said example has no way of knowing WHAT you are adding, whether it's 2 marbles and 2 turtles, the answer will be non biased in its it WILL be "4"... ALL THE TIME..!

In Probability Math, you're asking it to measure "likelihood of occurrence" from a subset... So, again it doesn't matter WHAT you are measuring...its conclusion, based on CURRENT conditions of true randomness and framing, will be just as accurate as the 2+2 example..It's irrelevant as to how complex the example is... it uses historical data to help point out the event of interest, removing ambiguity that guarantees accuracy...

Statistics is History.. Probability is the Future..!!         and by the way it belongs to the Branch of Calculus.!!! .. for those that don't know..

As to "why" the Math skipped over game 59,67 and 83 in reference?... I don't have an answer for that..Crazy

Now in Statistics, it's customary to round up to the next nearest unit, especially if the fraction is below ".5 ", So, "65.5" could be at just "65", at which "18" sits... but "391.6" is clearly suggesting "392".. thus by Pwrball "8" being at BOTH "66" and "392".. Probability Math is obviously pointing it out... a condition no other ball from the 100's Class matched..!!

Thus, discriminately accurately PREDICTING..!!


In response to four4me2

There could be a benefit to past posting if the player was not caught, but the time a ticket is legally purchased makes no difference. There was discussion on what day and time jackpot winners purchased their QPs, but nothing came from it.

The only relevant data would be when any ticket with a five number match was sold and doubt that data is available.

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In response to Stat$talker


In response to four4me2

Test it. If you live close to a store, buy a ticket in intervals. 6pm, 7pm etc. up to cut off time. See if it makes any difference. If asking because of thinking that right at cut off time will lessen the chances of "them" changing the numbers, then we probably shouldn't be playing at all. If they are changing the numbers it's not going to take them but a minute to know what's been played and what hasn't. I used to play that way and wait, now it's more of an if they are they are. I'm either going to play and take a chance on winning or not play and never take a chance. If I don't win, it's not going to be some devastating loss and a few tickets isn't going to keep me from eating a meal. I really don't think it makes a difference one way or another.

In response to Stat$talker

I can understand all that. 2+2 will always be 4, but how does 2+2 give 65.5? How are you using that to come up with the markers? Can you give an example of how you came up with those results? If it's too secretive and would give away what you are doing, and you just don't want the info out, then don't worry about it.

I get statistics and probability BTW. Just picking at you a little. Now you take some of the members on here, like I said, it's going to be hard to put something up here they don't know or haven't seen. There is some on here that know the games, know the numbers, the stats. You can tell in their posts they know what they are talking about. And know what they are doing. There are some that could care less about stats, probability,  any math at all, how to cut down their odds and just enjoy the games and the possibility of winning. They may not know probability, but it doesn't matter. It's all about what each one wants or likes. Myself, I like working on it and seeing what I can do. You spend as much time alone as I do, you got to find something to stay occupied. This is what I enjoy.

I thought it was customary to round up any fraction that was at .5 or ABOVE? LOL. Just messing with you again. The problem with that is you're missing more than you know. Go to any machine shop with a set of heads, a short block assembly minus the cam and tell them to deck the block and shave the heads. Not sure of the cam size, but it's going to be around a .635 lift solid lifter cam. "Do you want valve relief's" they say. You better know down to the decimal point what you're doing or those valves going into those pistons is going to make a mess. A costly one. Not everything is "I've got an 1/8th of a tank of gas, pretty sure I can make it to town and back". Sometimes that rounding up is a huge mistake and can cause you to overlook a lot.


This Windows 10 is a MESS! One bad update and everything goes haywire. UGHHHH! Managed to get thru another months worth of data. Ran every February from 2007 to 2019. Here is the results. Going to do this one a little different and show it with the before and after.

Again, I ran 2007 but those results are incomplete because of lack of draws so they are not included. This is the hits/wins to option results to start with. The win possibility results is at the top. I highlighted for average, minimum and maximum. For the month of February in 2008 there was 4 times that a 5 of 5 was showing to work with for starters. Eleven 4 of 5's, Seven 3 of 5's, five 2 of 5's and two 1 of 5's. This means that there was 4 games that all 5 numbers drawn was in the workout to be chosen with the options showed below per position. (The non-colored filled cells.) First pick had 9 options, second had 17, third had 15, fourth had 16 and fifth had 9. With those options the winning number was available for the first position a total of 20 times, the second position a total of 18 times and so on in column B. This was a leap year so there was 29 games that month. Column C is for the full month of February of 2009 and on across. For every February from 2008 to 2019  there was an average of 8 games a month that all 5 winning numbers was available to be chosen in each workout. There was a minimum of 4 possibilities that occurred twice, (2008-2009). That means that in February of 2008 and 2009 there was only 4 draws in the entire month that you would have had the opportunity to get a 5 of 5 with the options provided. It also means that on average you would have had 8 games for the entire month that you had a 5 of 5 opportunity with the options provided. There was a maximum of 12 games in 2013 of a 5 of 5 possibility. Playing this way, it means you will only have a certain amount of options per position to choose from to start with. You are cutting out some 5 of 5 opportunities as I've said, but you are cutting down your picking pool. There is however very few months with little to no wins with few options. You are averaging 1 draw a month where you would not have had enough options to get at least a 2 of 5. You actually have better odds of having a win opportunity, with less options than you do of not being able to. DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE GOING TO CHOOSE CORRECTLY OUT OF THE POOLS! You can however use a smaller pool to increase your odds, chances or however you want to call it. How this is cut down I won't get into. I've always been told I go from A to Z to get to B, and this is similar. Use what you know is what I say, and this is who and how I am.






It locked me out on an edit. Disregard the last 2 photos of the previous post.

Here is what it was supposed to be.

This was after tuning. I wanted to get at least an average of half the games with a hit per pick. I figure that would give me plenty of opportunities per month to line up a 5 of 5. So, I found at what ratio I had at least half the games with a hit and laid that ratio to the side. Then I found what ratio was at the average closest to the most hits per pick and laid that to the side. Did the same thing for the largest ratio that was closest to the average hits for the month. I took the average ratio of those three settings and set each position to that. It cut my average options down for the first pick down from 10 to 6 and that took my hit average from 21 to 16 which was about what I was wanting. If I can keep 6 options for the first pick and one of those options be drawn half the time or even better more than 50% of the time, that I can work with. I went from an average of eight 5 of 5 opportunities with an average of 14.8 options per pick to an average of three 5 of 5 opportunities with an average of 10.2 options per pick. 3 possible 5 of 5's with that amount of options to start with should help.? That means that I can use the same amount of options per draw and my winning numbers for a 5 of 5 was there an average of 3 times in the 28/29 draws. Still had an average of 7 draws that a 4 of 5 was possible.

I see that the first pick it kept an average of 6 options and an average of 16 hits per month so it is coming off the line good. First gear is good.

Second gear it stayed about even for the most part until the matrix change and gave a few more options to start with but only on the first change. Just picked up an extra for 2019. Need to raise the gear ratio up a touch and keep the shift point. I only lost 5 hits on average and still kept above 50% of the hits average.

3rd pick stayed pretty even with a 14 option average and still had a better than 50% hit average. It will get a higher gear ratio and remain automatic.

4th gear jumped up 2 options with both matrix change but stayed fairly constant with an average of 12 options to start with and again better than an average of 50% hits. Think it needs a higher gear ratio and remain automatic to catch up with the ball change.

5th gear DEFINITELY needs a higher ratio since the matrix change. It jumped up 3 options with the first change and another 2 with the second. It kept an average of 19 hits per month thru all 12 months, but it still kept an average of 7.44444 options until the change with an average of 18 hits. It will get a much higher gear ratio to build those top end RPM's up at the finish line.

So, I guess I'll pull her into the pit, tune her up again and take another pass down the strip and see how it does. It's looking like it's going to be about 6 options for the first, 12 for the second, would really like to see that 3rds options drop to about 12, but gonna say it's going to be 13 to not spin out, about 12 for the 4th and about 6 for the fifth. That will probably put me at two, hopefully three 5 of 5 opportunities with those options per pick per month for February and probably drop me down to six 4 of 5's. It's held fairly true for the past 12 years, so I can't see it changing much from now on.



And here is the option change from the "tune up". This is how many options it went from with the stock settings and after the tune up. It cut out an average of 4 options per pick.


Stat$talker's avatar - animated sphere.gif
In response to Greenfox

Mail For You

Compare to however you map out your system..




One quick update while my brain is still firing before laying down. I did another pass with a minor adjust on the 2 through 5 positions. I raised the 5th up considerably since I knew it had plenty of room to play with. Not going to post full results cause I'm tired and it's been a long day. I managed to cut out another 20 options for the entire run for February at that setting and not change the 5 of 5's at all. It made no less, but made no more. It did alter the 4 of 5 output average by 1 game. It went from an average of 12 games to 11 which was 2,2,3,2,1 games less in 5 months. The other 7 months lost or gained any opportunities.

By testing in .05 increments it gives me plenty of data on where to start to set each at for each month. The difference that even that small of an adjustment makes is pretty significant as far as cutting out options goes with this. I'm figuring with what I've seen so far that taking it further with .055, .0555 increments will only pull me to the perfect ratio for each pick. With this last run knocking out a full 20 more options for the run and not affecting the output that much tells me that dialing it in can be done to produce the least options with the best output. Which tickles me. Dialing it in in larger movements to narrow it down, then fine tuning with the smaller movements should put me right where I want to be.

LOL. The fine tuning of it reminds me of a question my dad asked me years ago. He asked if I would work for a month starting out with a penny the first day and doubling it every day for the entire month. I knew where that was heading so of course the smartelic (playful smartelic of course) in me had to ask if it was a 30 or 31 day month.

Well, I've got to lay down a bit. I will tune on this more later today to see how far I can take it and report back.

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In response to four4me2

Those three games are drawn with physical balls in some tumbler things that aren't hooked up to a computer -- at least they don't appear to be hooked up to a computer on the videos. And cutoff is about an hour before the draw anyway, so if they were going to do some funny business, they'd have plenty of time. All said, I somewhat doubt there is any advantage to playing right before cutoff.

If you really think it's so rigged that timed buying gives people an advantage, then don't give them your money.

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In response to str8ca$hhomie

Yea, Str8..!!

Right on the nose...!!

But 16 & 18 will most likely be the dodgers...

Cheers Str8ca$hhomie?...

How much WILLyaloanme...!!! 

$373 btween U & Me...!!  Wink


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Ok.. The most promising Pwrballs (red) for 1/25/20 drawing are....

14,16,18,21,13,26...they are NOT the ONLY ones...(for B-216)



Stat$talker's avatar - animated sphere.gif

Staunch proof, that Probability Math precipitates the low odds..  as in my previous posts.. as the Math reveals the most fruitious probable events...

Eliminating 20 of the 26 equally statistically possible (red) Pwrballs is around 77% in tossing the junk numbers..!!

2-9-17-36-67 (18)

The same holds true for the mainballs..

Naaah, where are the Naysayers?... their silence is deafening...!!  LOL


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In response to Stat$talker

Congratulations on your hit of the EXTREME dodger eighteen (18) !

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