Ultra-34 P-3-P-4 software


Hi all

Please read this entire post before you do anything!


Below are the links for the Ultra-34 software. The first 2 links are for the program installers.

Both contain the same file except one is a .exe and the other is compressed in a zip file.



U34-setup zip file

Youtube tutorial

Pick-3 databases

Pick-4 databases


Note!  Your security software may block the .exe file from downloading in which case you

can try the second link.  If both fail then you will need to turn off your security tools, then

download.  After downloading and installing the tool your can restart the security tools. 

You will most likely receive a security warning if downloading the .exe file about the danger

of .exe files.  The downloads are 100% malware free and I scanned both the Ultra-34.exe

and the u34-setup.exe using total-virus website.  I took screen shots of the results for both

scans, see below.

Ultra-34.exe scan results

U34-setup.exe scan results

This file was flagged by one of 72 engines but I assure you it's a false positive.  If in doubt then don't download the tool.

You only need to download one of the top two files at this time.  The pick-3 and pick-4 downloads are for later use to

provide updated databases.  The plan is to update them at least once a week but this might not always be possible.


Here is a pic of the Ultra-34 software.

Watch the Youtube video for instructions before you ask questions on how to do something.  I think I did a fair job

on the video.  Later I may add another video and add the new link to the Misc-Folder.  The Misc-Folder download link is for

other stuff that will pop-up along the way.  It also contains a text file with all the above links plus the scanner images and

the mirror-repeat-binary sheet shown in the video.




I would like to keep this topic on target.  I will not be taking suggestions on changing the software or adding anything

else to the project.  The tool is 100% and if used correctly nothing else is needed.  The links on the this page will be

updated in the event a bug or other error is found.  Before reporting a error make sure it's a error.  I don't want to

clutter the post with that sort of stuff.  If a update/bug fix is added then I will update the links above and not providing new

links.  This will make everything easy to find.

What I would like to see in this topic is a sort of competition as to who can post the most hits in lets say 25 lines for

pick-3 and 50 lines for pick-4.  Try to keep the post on topic as much as possible and avoid the mention of other tools

you may be using.  It's confusing for others who don't have those tools and leads to me getting PM's from people who

want a copy. 

Anyway, have fun and win big.  I have been using this tool for 8 years now and it will bring the hits if the time is taken to

learn the analysis tools provided.  Paper play until you see hits start coming in then go live.  If you don't like the tool then

run the un-installer and move on, it won't be everyone's cup of tea.


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In response to RL-RANDOMLOGIC

Thank you RL. as usual, the download was a breeze!. going to watch the video now.

Really been waiting for this one.


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In response to RL-RANDOMLOGIC


Thanks For All Of The Time And Effort You Put In To This Program RL

And To winsumloosesum For The Databases.

Very Much Appreciated


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Will need to watch video more than once, lots of info. Thanks for all the efforts you and Steve have made. Is there a limit to draws for the database?


Very nice program RL  Thank you.



The program loads the last 3000 games at startup, anything beyond that is not used.



no issues so far, except for the operator. he has a lot to learn.  your challenge ky 12 may


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How do you change back and forth between p3,p4?



Instruction video, 8 minutes and 33 second nark.


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Everything work perfect and well explained video.

Very nice work RL, Thank you so much.

PS: Just one question, could the face of the program be bigger maybe like the size of the computer screen, my eyes are not so good with age ?

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In response to RL-RANDOMLOGIC

Thanks RL I'll re-watch the video.


Thumbs Up


 I think I'm getting the hang of this. The video is well done!!

 Thanks RL


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Ill have to watch a few times to understand.

All i can say is this is pure genius!


Hi all

I forgot to mention a couple options in the video.  There are two Key-board options

Press S on the keyboard to open a graphic that shows the hits by position along with

the top hitting pairs for the last 20 games.  The digits are arranged in order from the

best to worse, top to bottom.

Press B on the key-board to open the back-test tool.  The BT tool allows you to check any lines

in the draw-file against any amount of past games.  The tool is set to test the last 10 games by

default but the user can press the [Set # of games] button and then enter any amount of games

they want to use.  Press the [Run-test] button to see the results.  There is also a [Results] button

that shows the results in a text file.  Not much use other than eye candy but I use it quite often just

to see.  The (*) indicates the set was a double, triple etc..


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In response to RL-RANDOMLOGIC


This is what I'm looking for!!!

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