Consecutive number pattern strategy

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When a number comes out with a zero in the center like 204 on 5-1-2019 california . First write down all your Doubles in the last 20 days.

Then convert all doubles to a possible  consecutive  number. You will be looking at the digits attached to the number 9 in a draw within 5 days before and 3 days after of the number with the zero in the center. These  digits are your clues to your next consecutive number besides doing research like due pairs , vtracs , lottery bible etc...

Sometimes the digit attached to the 9 is the middle digit of the next consecutive number like 694 on 5-4-2019 bringing 345 on the next draw .

You can back test for your own state to see if it works . In california it works fine. The consecutive number usually appears 2 to 5 days after the centered zero.


Example: California 4-10-2019 to 5-1-2019



552=543 winner







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Sometimes when a consecutive number drawing comes out first, then a Centered zero number drawing comes out next.

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In response to CESARFC2000

Thank you CesarFC2000 for the tips.

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Thanks pavizlo$ glad to help.

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You can also use another number pattern as New York .

May 18, 2019  "567" Winner

On may 15 ,  801 came out in New York

On May 9 ,   466 came out

then on May 15,   653 came out 

Next Draw "567"  Winner



This pattern has been around for a long time.

Example 653 . 

Find a set with two consecutive numbers like 653.


Finishing the sequence of the consecutive number.




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Another win in california 089 box on  May 20 

on may 15 am     999=089

on may 15 night  096=089


Im cofused over the attached to a 9 is that only ? Because you show other numers besides 9...??????????




studying if its a zero  why wouldnt it be a 1 AND a 9?? Or if its a 2 why not a 1 0r a 3????

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In response to Wentworth

You need to read the instructions . If you dont understand then you shouldnt be playing pick 3 lottery.

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New Jersey wins with 354 on May 20.

301 came out on May 18. Going back a few draws to get the number clue from a 9 or a double thats about to be converted into a consecutive number.

On may 17,    492  came out.

4 is the middle digit of 345.


I wish you triumphant success with your idea and i hope you win a lot! I bet you will!! Thanks for psting it.....

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Another win for Illinois May 20 with 345

On May 17, 805 came out , center zero number trigger for a consecutive number coming next.

On May 18, 533 came out, being converted to 543

Going back to May 16, 493 bringing 345

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Instead of playing 10 consecutive numbers

I am narrowing down the  list of numbers with this strategy

Playing from 2 to 5 numbers.

And playing only after a centered zero number comes out.

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On my california pick 3  forum thread 

I predicted 5 consecutive numbers on may 20 after number 105 came out on May 19

Next day 098 came out which was on my list.

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