Bad Luck To Post Numbers To Play ??

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I'm doing this poll because I feel that it jinxes me to post what I am playing for some unknown reason.

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if your going to post do in with a block of numbers lol


Reddog, you know there are times when one does ponder such a thought. 

I've posted numbers in NY P3 and p4s 

Nothing and yet I'll play numbers that I didnt post and get the hit.I am sure I'm not the only person who has experience this. It appears that you are in that group of players as well.

Prime example today p4 

I posted numbers and stepped out of my home my neighbor pulls up in his new Acura with plates 6670

So I decided to play it 6670.. 1/2



6706  nice 2bx hit..midday hit 



Definitely bad luck. My bihgest wins come when i dont post a prediction. I know this because a few times ive felt like bragging after winning but people would call me out for not posting my picks.

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It is very sad because I love helping people get hits as well as myself, but the lottery uses our kindness against us.  I love posting numbers, but they wouldn’t come in for awhile. So, I stop posting and started hitting again in Cash 3 and 4.  One day, it will be the players turn to break the bank and I can’t wait to get my pay check.

May God Bless us all Abundantly!

One day, we all have to give an ccount to God for all wrongful doings done against him and others. I have always loved to share my winnings with our kids and grandchildren. One of my 5 grandchildren calls it a treat. Lol

How can blessing others be a bad thing. It is a blessing to win!


That's so true 

It happen to  me recently p4 NY.

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In response to Everyotherday

I Agree!



I dont post and I  hit 6670 straight on repeat that I hit

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It's all coincidental that when someone posts and plays and not hit vrs not posting, play and hit.. If you fell otherwise dont post then and keep trying  the theory.. I know of countless older folk that have no idea what a post online is and some go months on end without hitting..

I say pick better pairs or whole combos and wish apon a star while playing..

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Bad Luck occurs when you Play the numbers not Posting the numbers!

In response to Everyotherday

When I first joined LP a lady who was here told me to post my numbers like that and she still does.

I never did...for a long time I posted every no. I played for each draw and felt guilty if I didn't.

But as time went on I started posting a big list for the whole month & if anyone wanted to use it fine...if not fine too but I found that it had lots of hits each month and still does.

I was keeping up with it for fun just to see how many would hit then realized a lot hit each month.

Some complained it was too many numbers so now I post a shorter list and a "real short list" for the month.

I do look back and study to come up with them.

Sometimes I do post some numbers but as others say none of them hit but I don't really think it was because I posted them!

I think a lot of it is pure luck can anyone know what will hit....they can't!

As I've posted many's just air blowing ping ping balls to the top of a machine unless your state has computerized drawings.

...then again I have looked back and seen the same cluster of numbers together at various places so I can't explain that but some think it's because numbers have patterns.

...whatever that means~Lurking

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In response to reddog

It's not jinxes

I live in Michigan

I've noticed throughout the years - when people post their numbers (especially if the majority come up with the same numbers)

Them numbers DO NOT come.

They post hot numbers according to their rundown - THE LOTTERY FIGUREHEADS ALSO FOLLOW THE POST. 

And Yes, them HOT NUMBERS especially

if people come up with the same numbers, or

if someone put emphasis on their hot numbers (the font is bold, or big), or

if their numbers stand out too much (color fonts, color page etc..)


Now, if someone posts 30 numbers, one might fall, or if they just post 10 or more sets of pairs (ie 31, 50, 42, 90 etc), one will fall or,

if someone announces that they are putting BIG MONEY on a certain number, that number will not fall.



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In response to Chris

Everyone's entitled to their own Opinions...


I find such Big Brother theory;ideologue to be just balonoy...


 One Case in point when I Posted  Just one number 013 on the 26th of February  2019 for night draw. And I Did it in bold and 48 font size.


And it it fell straight that night!!!!

It's just the Luck of the draw...

A game of chance, With  low odds. 

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