ok, not sure if this helps i do believe it does, i watched a you tube video


and i back tested converging numbers, now i got 23 numbers from 12/1/17 -12/19only six repeated and only 2 numbers appeared together, this is mega millions, 16,2,10, 3, 21, 41,14,6, 37, 46, 66 ,70, 23,32,24,42,52,7,12,36,44,57,75, now the video said that after converging the numbers from 12/1/17-12/19/17 that these numbers should come up into a jackpot the following month, well what i found out is not only is this not true, but only on 2 occasions, does 2 of these numbers come up together, so not sure so much as a system but at least i wouldn't wheel these numbers together at all so...... any ideas

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Please post in the appropriate forum ... thank you.


i guess to really test is to back another 3-4 months and converge numbers again, does anyone have any ideas?

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I don't back test numbers.  Remember,  the lottery commission controls the draws.   Now in YouTube videos that I have seen work for actually powerball and not really mega millions is Everett Pierce. 


 You need to follow what he says carefully and closely because honestly he is right but however I need to see proof that he has won multiple lotteries.


Last year, I did a lottery pyramid where I guessed 4 white balls and red ball.  Check it in search


thank you for response!

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