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With 20 days left I thought I would review the year here in lottery.

It has been a particularly bad year here so I went on the Michigan lottery website to the "winners near you" feature and set the date back to 1 Jan and the prize amount to $5000 for all games.

I noticed 6 wins listed for my city but I also noticed that the MSL is padding the information for my town as 2 of the wins did not even occur here.

The biggest win listed ($50,000 PB) for my town actually occurred at a store 25 miles away!  Comparing this to Detroit this would be like listing a win in Brighton as happening in Detroit!

(BTW I looked and they did NOT list the win in the town in which the winner was actually sold!)

Next I set the date back to 1 Jan 2014 and noticed 21 wins of $5000 or more and 7 of those did not occur in my town.  I guess they were hoping the players would not notice that the wins were padded with 1 out of 3 wins not even occurring in town.

I don't know why I did not notice this before but I guess its because this year has really been so terrible that I finally noticed.

How did your lottery year go this year?

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Well through November I won back about 23% of what I played. I'm going to end up spending around $2100 for the year. Not great but I play all the jackpot games, along with Daily 4, the occasional scratchoff, and occasionally All or Noting and Triple Chance, which are smaller jackpot games costing $2 a ticket.

I know I could probably win more small wins playing Pick 3 and playing Daily 4 boxed, (I usually play straight only), but, I like to play for more meaningful money, like, retirement money, or at least get out of debt money.

Anyway, it's my entertainment money.

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If you had bought $1,000 of Bitcoin in July 2010, when the price stood at $0.05, you would now have a stash worth $46 million!

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Yeah, but have you heard of all the scams out there? They transferred millions into one wallet. This happened with three of the biggest cases. Saw this on RT news recently, and that's just the big ones. Not to mention, all three of those companies boasted about their top notch security

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In response to amber123

I wouldn't care about the other Cryptocurrency Companies if I had $46 Million!

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But that's my whole point. Had you kept those bitcoins in a company wallet, you could have possibly been taken. I'm not sure, the process isn't like putting money in a bank, there are many steps you have to take to open a wallet and make sure that wallet has a security you can trust.

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I have bought my last tickets for 2017 this week one for mega millions and one for powerball on the 12th and the 13th respectively.  I managed to lose my $100 every month for 2017 on Oregon megabucks and powerball and mega millions.  But I think that in 2018 I want to go to the casino more and spend time with family and gamble that way will we are at the casinos here in Oregon.  Either Spirit Mountain Casino in Grande Ronde, Oregon or Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City, Oregon on the coast.-weshar75

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In response to amber123

Investing in Bitcoin on the Stock Market is not the same as using the Bitcoin Wallet.

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Funny I had a similar thought to see of any LP Predictors had predicted a jackpot.  Not hard to check because anyone winning millions in LP bucks would be at the top of the list.  Sorry to say I didn't find even one, but I think it may be in part because it is so easy to predict for Pick-3/4 all states while the bigger games must be predicted game by game.  Also because I believe it would take a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand to really do it right.  The WV 6/25 is the only game where 50 plays can take a good shot and I've hit 5 of 6 several times, the trouble is the prizes are so low they pull down your stats.  Despite this I'd really like to see other predictors take this game on.



Hey, Think, is the winners list based on where the winners live or where they purchased their ticket?

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In response to EdG1955

Neither, the LP prediction list is based on LP member predictions for any state(s) they may choose to predict for.


How to make a small fortune predicting the lottery?  Start with a large fortune.

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In response to EdG1955

They base it on where the ticket was actually sold.  Otherwise they would have to list every city in the world in case someone from out of state or out of country won.


Now a days many people are using bitcoin rather than using cash money.

In response to Think

I used to live in Warren.  I took a look at the list and as far as I could tell all of the retailers were in Warren.  Is your complaint that the list for your city contains retailers not located there?

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In response to EdG1955

Exactly.  The $50,000 powerball winner was sold at a store 25 miles from town!  I looked in that town and they did not list the winner there.

I then noticed how really padded the winners list is for my town.

I noticed  because the tickets have been really, really terrible lately.  It is not just me as I have talked with numerous other players and they tell me just how bad they have had it here too for the last year or so.

If you look and google the store name you will find out where the ticket was actually sold.  The list should be accurate but the MSL does not seem to care as their attitude seems to be "Meh....good enough for those suckers...."

Anyway, how did your lottery year go?

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2017 ended up being an ok year for me. My biggest win was a 4 of 6 in the Massachusetts Megabucks Doubler game for a $100 winner back in February. I also hit one of those in 2016. Other than that I had my usual bunch of $2-$20 winners while sticking to my $100 net per month lottery budget. The year isn't over yet so here's hoping for something special.

As the saying goes given an infinite amount of time anything with a non zero probability will happen eventually.


My lottery year went fairly well with a number of small Powerball wins and a $100 win with numbers I picked, a first for me.  My lottery budget is $50 per month and is spent exclusively on Powerball.  I'm planning to visit my family in Michigan next year.  Haven't been there since 2012.


Every day I wake up is like winning the lottery times a THOUSAND!!!................................ JACKPOT. Green laugh


Spent about $2k this year with no real notable wins.

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My Lotto Year: Just spent watching the numbers and backtesting, I didn't play at all.

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Not exactly profitable gambling, but I won a 7/7 on national KENO this year.


Wishing everyone a happy new year! :party:Party

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Just added up my tix for 2017, spent a total of $532 had a return of $276 = $256 loss.

The LFL game was my best... spent $138 had a return of $205.

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I moved to California and will not play the lottery there until they replace their random number generators with balls. I think the nearest ball state is Texas (as opposed to the nearest Ball State, which is in Muncie, Indiana, in a state whose lottery uses RNGs). 

I did, however, play Nebraska's MyDaY game when I moved cross-country in May, even though it is an RNG game. I played it because dates were what sucked me into the lottery in the first place. I wagered $10 and won $6, and so I lost $4. 

I won nothing in the state where I used to live, Virginia, which is a ball state. However, I seldom play.

Having said that, my birthday finally won a state lottery on my sister's birthday. My birthday has not won in California since 2014, and it won twice in Virginia after I moved to California.

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