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Has anyone used/had any luck with Ken Silver's system?

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YES but no success lol

His idea wasn't so bad that it warrants humiliation because it is an imaginative way to play the numbers, but there is absolutely no strategy whatsoever. What the user does is make a dozen or so lines, maybe more, with numbers that are consecutively arranged, meaning, every ticket will be unique, but one thing they have in common is that in WHOLE, they are just one number apart individually.

Example: Florida Fantasy Five Game is 1-36

He starts with a root line...example: 3-17-25-34-36


See what I mean below?






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Thanks, Amber. I'm glad I didn't spend any money that!

You seem to be doing well. You have your own system?

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I'm not smart, just persistent....Green laugh

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The original Silver system kinda worked that way, but to some degree dependent on the three starter combinations all the others are built from, and completing the circles or loops. 

At one point I pasted the completed system into CoverMaster and tested it as a wheel with all the game's numbers in play and got 89% coverage of (6,3,6) as it takes 163 lines using a split wheel to 100% guarantee 3if6 it wasn't unreasonable for those wanting some kind of a win in return for investing over 100+ lines.

These days you can supposedly use one starter combination and enough lines to put all the numbers into play or to budget.  To me that is about a 7% chance versus 89% of winning $5.00 either way Whoop-De-Do-Subaru !

The whole point of any 3if6 system is to get lucky having that 4th, 5th and 6th number finish the line.  The optimal way to do this is to use a wheel that provides multiple three number wins and to have all the winning numbers on the wheel.  Some may argue the value of starting with a four number guarantee, but a multiple four number guarantee is far more expensive versus the number of lines necessary for multiple three number wins.



I do not see average people spending $160 on tickets. I once was close to spending 1500 but finally didn't do it. I thought that others would join, but nobody did. Afterwards it would have been a payback with a small win. People say no to chances. With the years I got used to that. I don't join others in their picks, I never saw them winning.

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