Wow! 5 out of 6 on my pick 6 ticket!!


Paid me only $3100 (out of a 3.1 million payout for getting 6 numbers). What ever happened to "Proportionality"? .....So unfair, makes no sense!! Who decides these payouts? This is what is wrong about these lotteries.

It's the closest I'll ever get to win "a" jackpot. I am done buying lottery folks!  ......I'll quit while I am ahead.


Congrats! Great start to 2017 for you!


Incredible! I think you're smart to quit while you are ahead. Congratulations on the $3k win!


If your state offers a Fantasy 5 game, that might be worth playing. The odds of winning the jackpot on that game is significantly higher than other draw games. I know it is painful being one number off from that 3M jackpot, but a $3k win on a $.50 or $1 investment is fantastic. Now that you're ahead, you can say you won a lottery 2nd place prize.


Ouch, that's got to suck. Maybe low-play MwgaMillions?


Congratulations on your 5 of 6 win. A bummer though to be that close. I know the feeling having had a near life changing moment in Oct. I had 4 of 5 in Jersey Cash 5. My numbers were 06 07 12 35 37 and the numbers drawn were 06 07 12 35 36 on top prize of 813,000. Almost had a heart attack that day. Did get 2,800 though. Still haven't cashed ticket. Holding onto it for a while hoping it will bring me luck!

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unfortunately 5 of 6 is nothing,  you should see the poor payout here in aust. for  that sort of  win, from $400 -$1300 still money is money, gratz better luck next week

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In response to varionj

I don't know which pick 6 game you played but $3100 sounds pretty good to me for only matching 5.  Have you checked the payouts of similar games in other states?  In Ohio matching 5 in its Classic Lotto (6/49) pays $1500.  Good luck if you continue to play.

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In response to RJOh

Wisconsin supercash a 6/39 game only pays 500 for 5 of 6.  Now that sucks!

In response to RJOh

Probably the New York Lotto because their payoffs are pari-mutual, similar to why on some drawings the California MM pays much less than $1 million for matching five numbers. The NY Lotto payoff for matching five numbers is 7.25% of the prize pool that is 40% of ticket sales.

And an obvious reason why Gail Howard and other lottery authors said it's a bad idea to play combos like 1-2-3-4-5-6. If five of those numbers matched, the NY prize might be $31.

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Closest I got was 4 from 6 in the UK 6/49 with 1 line lucky dip and  the final 2 numbers each being one number out/away, I picked up £85 for £1 outlay.


5/6 once and the reserve was in the set.

6/49 is unbeatable?

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It does seem unfair but that is more than I have ever won. The sad part is that most of us here have never won an amount close to what you got.

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I would be happy to get a 5 out of 6 win.. all I get is free plays on my ticketsLOL

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Thank you all for your input. I now realize how lucky I was to win the $3,100.00 for 5 out of 6, specially when I looked at the odds 1 in 59,000. So I feel better now after reading your posts, didn't mean to sound "greedy" an/or ungrateful. I also looked at the odds on the Power Ball and the NJ Mega and they both were approximately 20 times harder to hit than the Pick6; 6 months ago I stopped buying the monster lotteries and decided to spend $5.00 a week on the pick6, boy am I glad I switched, it certainly paid off making the move. I recommend, everyone doing the same, the winnings may not be as big, but the odds of winning a great payout are much better. Good luck to all!!

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