The story of a lottery winner

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 September 1, 2016  OWN 7 - 8pm PST The story of a lottery winner. "Trust & Treachery" 2015 TV-14 V,L

 I am on Xfinity on the West Coast, California. I found this while looking for the,"Fix My Life Series" featuring Marie Holmes. I will continue to check Oprah Winfrey's Network OWN for the Ivalyana's show featuring Marie Holmes. Please help me if you can. Thank you.

 I have a feeling that "Trust & Treachery" will feature Abraham Lee Shakespeare. My guess.



"Abraham Lee Shakespeare"


I just read up on this case. While it is sad what happened to him, it is crazy that the he didn't pay the 1 million to the guy who purchased the lottery ticket for him.


If you won $17 million net, and the guy who purchased it for you wanted $1 million, that is just bad form to tell him no. I would have given it to him no worries. After that I would move, change my name and mobile number, and only contact certain people and disappear.

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moonos, I am always happy to see contributions to my thread from a player in Australia. Welcome.

 I believe that Michael Ford, his former meat delivery partner at MBM asked Shakespeare for an amount that would be fair in both of their eyes. Shakespeare said, NO.

In October 2007 the Ford v. Shakespeare trial was heard. Shakespeare's past was brought up by the Plaintiff's attorney. This angered Shakespeare. 

 Shakespeare won the case.

I am using this information from the book, "Unlucky Numbers" by Deborah Mathis with Gregory Todd Smith.

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Fix my Life with Marie Holmes will be starting on 9/'s a 4 part series thing I think.

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Hard to imagine that she actually proceeded with that show. I have a feeling the help she gets won't do her much good.

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I'm going to watch

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