I just won $300!!

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I was in total shock when I saw that I matched 4 numbers... I was one number off from winning $120,000

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 Congratulations IPlayWeekly!!! $300.00 is remarkable and will keep you playing for some time.Cheers

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Yeah, the funny thing is my wife didn't believe me so I showed her the ohio lottery site.  I can't imagine winning something big, I'm still on cloud 9, lol.

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In response to IPlayWeekly

Congratulations! Can't fathom that you were that close to winning over $100k. I would have been both happy and disappointed.

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Congrats buddy.  Was it a qick pick or your numbers?

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Congratulations!  And Good Luck on your future games and winning!

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In response to LiveInGreenBay

Thanks, it's my own numbers... combination of birthdays.  It's a 5/39 game.  I play every drawing, 2 lines for over 2 years.

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Congrats on your bigg score!! Happy spending!!


act like u never won anything before.  <snip> it.   Green laugh  btw congrats

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Congrats to ya! Smile

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Wow so Close. WTG! are you going to keep playing the same numbers?


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In response to helpmewin

Yep, I don't change... I'm consistent!  Don't chase numbers!!  Play a set (if you play your own numbers) and stick with it.  If you have the ability to check past numbers, check them.  Once a jackpot numbers come up, it won't come up again.

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i wonder if they are random why can't they come up again Disapprove

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In response to helpmewin

I don't know and I've wondered the same thing.  I've checked Mega Millions, PowerBall, Rolling Cash etc. I have yet to see a jackpot's winning set of numbers come up more than once.  Meaning once a winning set of numbers comes up my conclusion is that they take that combination out of the game pool.


Congratulations! Time to party!!!


Cheers    Hyper

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Hip-Hip HURRAY for you IPlayWeekly LoL

One step closer to bigger & better Disney


In Vegas it's said that players have to be willing to win & you did it NOW!~


Eddessa_Knight Light 

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Thanks everyday I look forward to 8pm, drawing time.


Congrats on the hit!!! Not easy to win money in a 5/39 game. 

I notice that the 3-11-12 hit again on 8/21 hope you hit for something on that one!

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In response to DELotteryPlyr

Yep I hit for $10 on the 8/21 drawing ( I made a post on page 2 of this thread) I was one number off from winning another $300.

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