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Didn't see a current forum for it so thought I would start one.  Something to do while PB and MM jackpots build up. Smile

Arkansas, Connecticut, DC, Delaware, Iowa, Idaho, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire,  North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Vermont.


I play the game rarely. I probably have given it more looks than I have PB. I think the best I did this year was I maybe got 2 or 4 dollars back from it. It was a little while back so I don't remember it exactly.

i just don't like the 2 dollar ticket idea so much. Considering the odds and how the payouts are done, I disagree with 2 dollar wagers.

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I won $25 a couple of weeks ago.  Usually get $4 to buy more tickets.

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I play this for the max. advance draws when I go to DE.

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Has the game expanded to new states since launch or is there any plans to expand?

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In response to Romancandle

Hadn't heard of any more states--just the ones listed in the first post are on their website.


I love reading the quick stories on the lucky for life website about some of the past winners. One gentleman on there from the northeast US had bought multiple plays and it was the very last play which won the jackpot for him. I thought that was neat.

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I play it every draw...a week or so ago I won $209! I had 3# and the lucky ball and  2# and lucky ball twice and some lucky balls....It's my favorite game....hope to win the big would be life changing without the excessive jackpot headaches....

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We don't have it in Indiana. Don't know if I want it in Indiana with the terrible jackpot odds.

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I believe Colorado,  Wyoming,  and West Virginia  are supposed  to have it this  year

The  most I've  won is $28

2 numbers on  lines a and b plus the lucky ball on line a, had the 5 numbers  been on the same  line, I would've  won 5000

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In response to Romancandle

Yes, it launched in NE states.  It expanded to Idaho among others a year ago or so.  Their website is awful to navigate.  Most games you can find out easily when it started in each state.

I don't know if they will be expanding again or not.

I have a ticket for almost every draw.  Most I've won is $20 IIRC.  You only have to match 2 white balls to win which sounds easier than it turns out to be.  But I win more on LfL than on the other $2 game, Powerball.

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In response to HoLeeKau



North Carolina joined in on the action Feb. 8th this year and I have played every single drawing since. I try to study and play what I think is good to play. I have won several 3 and 4 dollar hits. A couple of 7 dollar hits. I think I have hit 20 dollars ( just 3 white balls , no lucky ball ) twice and once I have hit 25 dollars ( 2 white balls and  the ball ) once. So mad cause one time I wrote down a draw I wanted to play and didnt go to the store that night and it hit 3 white balls.

but as with all ball draw games in state lotteries in America, you are constantly fighting the " cheating " and advantage or edge that they have. I'm referring to the pre-draws which they don't post so that screws you up of course.

It's the repeats that get me too. they tend to throw me a curve ball.

would love to exchange ideas and hear from others on here who like playing the game regularly.

Thanks !

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Didn't have any hits last night--but I have an 8 draw qp ticket that expires 07/28.


I hit 3 white balls Monday night .... had the 6 - 18 - 43. won $ 20.00 for it. Won $ 4.00 by getting the LB on another ticket so won a total of $ 24.00.

Spent $ 16.00 overall so came out ahead 8 bucks. I have some ideas for tomorrow night. we'll see what happens. GL to all of us !


3 -6 - 17 - 18 - 43  +  9 = 20.00

3 - 6 - 17 - 18 - 43 9     4.00


Rant  I felt good about 17. Almost played it.  grrrr ....

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11/13 two 2nd prizes MA and wait for it...North Carolinny !

Anyone know if NC sells more tix than other states ?

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12/4/17 Two 2nd prizes, 1 in South Dakota and 1 in...yup...North Carolinny.

Had no tix for this, time for a trip to Delaware.

In response to haymaker

I hear ya, Haymaker. yeah, i don't know, can't explain it, but you are right, we do seem to get a lot of 1st and 2nd prize jackpots here since we joined in February. just not exactly in my neck of the woods right around close to my house.  lol.  ha. Maybe I need to think about movin' closer to these other north carolinny'ians and see if there magic rubs off on me. lol. I can't seem to get a 2.00 dollar hit if my life depended on it lately !  lol

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In response to EZ Money

I'd have to go back and look at the stories again

but seems like a lot of the winners there were near the Virginia border.


I get my tix in Delaware and not sure if they ever sold a big winner !

In response to haymaker

No 5+0 or 5+1 winners yet but a bunch of 4+1 winners for 5k.

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In response to C0w Pi3

Thanks, looked at the DE and LFL site and seen that.

 Also seen that there was also 10 winners of 4+0 in the last 10 draws, only $200 but still good.


Went to Delaware yesterday to cash some small winners and get a 10 draw advance on LFL.

Also got 10 draws on the Lotto America game since I had some $ from winners.


wow - check out how close together all the numbers for last nights LFL was. 

10 14 15 18 24

 I only know how to check Delaware's site for a winner so not sure if someone hit the jackpot for those.

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In response to DELotteryPlyr

No 1st or 2nd prize, Google Lucky for life... their site make it easy to see if and where winners were sold.


12/18 had one 2nd prize in Missouri...they showed me...LOL !

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Got one qp for 5 draws --hope it's a real lucky ticket.

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It wasn't--play on! Smile

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Hey Zep, we don't have that game in New York. It looks similar to our Cash4Life.

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In response to Slick Nick

Hi Slick----better odds than MM and PB.

$1000 a day for life 

$25,000 a year for life

Cash4Life has better 2nd prize.

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Hey Zep, a 1000 a day is good money with Cash4Life, even a 1000 a week is just fine for me.

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Michigan--another $25,000 a year winner.  That's 3 in a row.  Jan1,4, and 8th.

Congrats to them.


I hit 2+1 on one line and 2+0 on another and 0+1 on a third line for a total of $34.

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