welcome back storm nice to have you back


Yes I miss her also she is the best LP has to offer.  Storm welcome back!

STORM's avatar - Rean
In response to Burdie

Thanks My dear.. Smile

STORM's avatar - Rean
In response to JoyceP

Aaaaaaw, u R too kind.. I Miss u More! Lovies

I will use this thread to post numbers For All States if u Don't Mind.. 

Remember to Always Flip 6/9's..


June 17, Eve.. 467.. 328 gl

STORM's avatar - Rean

LP members, I'm Only giving 2 numbers for mid/eve Each day I'm here.. 'All States'

Les get this money! Dance


June 18, 174.. 739 gl


Play My Hot Numbers Under My Avatar an in My Signature.. 

STORM's avatar - Rean
In response to STORM

Western Canada 497 flip Cool

Totem's Angel's avatar - kanji for_peace.jpg

Welcome back, Storm!  Let's Ryde!

STORM's avatar - Rean
In response to Totem's Angel

Wink Precious, How have u been?

Les Ryde All the way to the bank..

I'm Focused.. All I c is Mon$y!! Ryde.. Yes Nod

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In response to STORM

I C U girl.  Welcome back.

STORM's avatar - Rean
In response to Stratogee

Embarassed Thanks dear..


Welcome back Storm

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Welcome back Storm, let's Ryde!

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In response to Blk-Honey


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Welcome back Storm. You have been greatly missed. Thank you for coming back to help us out!!!

STORM's avatar - Rean
In response to blkbarbiedoll

Wink I'm going to c how My 2 number play Goes..

Then I'm Gona hit Everyone with 'One' Hot number..

I Won't Give no more than 5 numbers for a month like I use to.

My time Away Allowed Me to Perfect My Gifts an I'll Continue to Share with Others.

No Pairs.. No Sums.. 'I Will Post Actual Numbers'.. U Win Some, U Lose Some..

Les Make Today And Eeeeer'day A 'Winner'.. RydeDance!! 

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Hi Ms Storm....thinking about you lately and hope you and ur family are doing well.

Can you please post an update for Florida or for all states for the new month?

Thank you sweetie.  Miss you love you.


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In response to FLATRANSPLANT

I Agree!   Embarassed

NY2NC$'s avatar - Lottery-015.jpg
In response to Maxxe$

Miss you.. Hope you & your family are doing well..

KHolla57's avatar - Lottery-009.jpg

GA 966 Today.  I played it everyday except today. Rushing to work Bash

WHISH's avatar - flower2
In response to STORM

Storm we got 081 again today in GA. I did not play.


Texas Please?

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In response to STORM

Storm do you still see a trip for Florida? I hope all is well with you. God bless

Janair's avatar - Lottery-050.jpg
In response to STORM

BOOOMMMM 999 GA Stormmmmmm Good Job

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                                                                  August STORM...  6/9's

                                                     906** 586 367* 458* 312 107*


                                            Special 357.. 292*.. 000

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In response to STORM

hey chick!!!! missed you

STORM's avatar - Rean

                                       Across tha board..

                              222.. 819*.. 3190.. 689.. 050

STORM's avatar - Rean
In response to brighteyes

Hi chica.. I miss u too ma Lovies 

I changed My number, I've been a lil busy.. in the process of Moving.. Thinking abt selling one of My homes, Not 100% sure tho! I No longer have My google connected to My phone.. so anyone who has My email, I will stay connected that way.. I will hit u Up on FB within the hour.. Wink I have limit My time here on lp, but I'll Pass thru like a Storm and leave Out with 'The Wind'.. Twirling like Ms Kenya(USA).. Ha!! Got'a love Me.. Smile




Oh my glad you stopped by.. Your lp family miss you .  Don't work too hard..Lol twirling.

STORM's avatar - Rean
In response to muck*city87

My dear, 'MIss u' I thank u for your warmth.. I jus received your email.. I have to be honest an say, al tho lp does Not feel the same anymore, I do Appreciate the kindness of members as yourself being True an being a Leader, Not a follower.. Need More like u! Like My Abuela says, 'Whenever u hear an c ppl talking abt u, U R doing something Right.. Hold your head Up high, Carry On! 

P.s. Honey.. I'm On Point with tha Twirling.. Trust!! Yes Nod

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