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Here is a twist using her LL12digit program.  The 719 Florida draw in the date field and the sum in the draw field.  It hit 584 straight last night.




 Date719Draw #01712 Digit Pi #  
   111 Method      
1stPi #444Flip 7Flip 6Flip 9   
4137682139137 137   
136681136139 136   
176621196179 176   
376821396379 376   
LastPi #MirrorFlip 7Flip 6Flip 9   
4658 103 658 958 658   
654 109 654 954 654   
684 139 684 984 684   
584 039 584 584 584   
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Oklahoma using last two draws and  546 hit Friday.


 Date133Draw #37912 Digit Pi #      
   111 Method          
1stPi #444Flip 7Flip 6Flip 9       
4567012569597 567       
564019564594 564       
574029594574 574       
674129694974 674       
LastPi #MirrorFlip 7Flip 6Flip 9       
4209 754 209 209 206       
207 752 209 207 207       
297 742 299 297 267       
097 542 099 097 067       
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The thread is 152269 , and Pogo has a chart for the system.

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In response to lakerben

Thank you sir! Rather than the chart, an excel program has also been made and can be checked out here:

It's called the "12-Digit Calculator by LottoLaughs"...  Thank You, LakerBen for bringing this great system by LottoLaughs out of hiding. Enjoy, Pogo

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I Download 12-Digit Calculator By LottoLaughs I Try to figure it out I am Confused

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In response to Pogo

Pogo I sent you the other one also if you want to post it.

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Thanks pogo.



 Your inbox if full.

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In response to lakerben

Thank You,

Now available:

12-Digit ver. 3 System by LottoLaughs
Boe 757 System
P3 Puzzle System by Lakerben
TTT System by Lakerben
Work It P3 System

Check 'Em out @

Thanks again LakerBen... Always a pleasure - Pogo Smile

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In response to Pogo

No problem.  Nice work. 

With programmers like yourself, Theo1946, winnsumloosesum ,ranman17, carlig,and others I may have forgotten your efforts are appreciated.



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In response to Pogo

On the second tab of the p3 puzzle program I have another program I wrote called the p3 crusher. The third tab has my square program that I use. On the square program just enter the last two draws. It calculates the square of each number.  Then it adds the the two squared numbers and then subtracts them.  Then one last add for a three digit answer. It hit today 064.

Enjoy and good luck!

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In response to BabyBoy33

Sorry to hear that, let's see if I can send you in the right direction... This system requires 2 things a Month & Day and the Draw on that Day.

In the 1st Orange highlighted box you will put your Month/Day in for example Feb 7 would be 0207 or Nov 28 would be 1128 then the draw on that particular day will go in the 2nd Orange highlighted box for example 362... Some calculations are made using a 12-digit calculator (hence the system name) and hocus-pocus, you got yourself 2 outcome numbers... Now's the tricky part because that's all my program does is give the result, you'll have to read the numbers for yourself based on LottoLaughs original post located:

You need to take the result from either of the 2 calculated numbers...

For example: 256398920848 are the 12 digits off the calculator from 0226(Month/Day=Feb/26=0226)*362(Days Draw)*309or209(2 results) all divided by 3.14(Pi)... Now you got 12 digits filling up your 12-digit calculator... You read results like LL suggests: I.E. 256 or 2skip63 (front of number) or 848 or 08skip8(rear of number)

Hope that helps,

Pogo :-)

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In response to lakerben

Awesome, I hadn't finished looking at them... I'll try to break that one out later into a separate system. Tired m8, I'm going to bed... Later, Pogo

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In response to Pogo

Thanks pogo!

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In response to Pogo

Hi pogo!

I don't normally have any problems with your downloads but for some reason the new additions aren't working for me as in when I put new numbers in nothing changes with the output numbers, they remain the same.
Anyone else having this problem?


In response to kreative1

I have had the same problem, nothing is working,download 3 times.

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