I have not left L.P. just had surgery!!

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I have not disappeared or stomach finally went out on me and I had to have emergency surgery on my stomach...They performed an Antrectomy and a Vagotomy...and I must say all the surgeries I have had to have on my legs due to my accidental gun shot I had to my thigh, was nothing compared to them operating on my stomach... OH MY GOD it was the most painful surgery I have ever had...they also had to take my gallbladder out...but I get my staples out tomorrow ...hopefully I will be back to normal pretty soon...


GOOD LUCK to everyone tomorrow...I hope you all win...TERRY....

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Get well soon LB!


Get well soon ....

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Hello my friend I miss you, get well .Soon you will be up and around on Lp.

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I wish you speedy recovery!

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What a terrible ordeal lotterybraker! Sad to hear what you've been through. I can't say I know what it's like

but I'd imagine that it is painful...think of all the stomach ailments there are...virus has to be one of the most

uncomfortable but surgery? I hope you heal quick and are back to normal as soon as possible...quicker than

that too Big Smile Take care.

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Sounds like major surgery to say the least: Glad to hear you're OK and on the road to recovery.

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OMGoodness!  You've been through a lot!

Rest and let your family wait on you!

Get well soon, Terry!


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Wow, it does sound like you've been through a lot. I hope you're doing better, Lotterybraker.

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In response to lotterybraker

Thank GOd, you came thru the ordeal o.k. Get well soon.

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In response to lotterybraker

Glad you are okay, wishing you a full recovery.

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had the gall bladder surgery and delt with having staples

fell better soon and Remember this too will pass Stooges


surgery? Sorry to hear this get well soon and take care


Good morning LB ! Get well soon. Just kick back and chill. You will bounce back, just give your body time to recover.

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Get well soon LB. I hope that you do not lose too much weight during your recovery.Drum

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SmileGet well lotterybraker!


Hope that you have a speedy recovery!

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I have some advice for ya. Stop trying to shoot Gators and stay away from Gumbo because that stuff will burn a hole through ya. GW

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In response to RedStang

HaHaHa...I will remember that...Gumbo is very good though...


Thanks Everyone...I am doing better..I am just really need in me trying to get my 6 pack back,...I have a scar from my sternum all the way down to my navel....





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Get well soon!Smiley

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I hope you get well soon ........thought you may have hit the jackpot.......and out spending your dough.....

take care of yourself, and praying for a speedy recovery....

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