If you were good at picking numbers, at what amount ...?

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If you were good at picking numbers, at what amount would you stop playing? Meaning, you won multiple jackpots. Me? I choose option 5.

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I also chose #5, but I wouldn't give the numbers away. I would make the bet and once I knew it won, I would give the winning ticket away.

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I had a dream once that I was looking at my Excel lottery spreadsheets and all of a sudden I just saw how the lottery worked.  I played some numbers and won then I played and won again.  Then I sent some sets of numbers to LP members in different countries and they all won!

And then I woke up.


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is this the same as  the  " once you win the jackpot will you stop playing? " question.


I had a dream that my ship finally came in...

but I was at the airport.

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I play for fun so would not give up playing unless it was a financial other words I didn't have an entertainment budget....or I became disinterested.

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In response to woody4591

LOL  Good one!

I think I'd pick options 3 & 4.  Pay it forward.

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