Missing Virginia Dreamers Alert !!

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Where are all the Va dreamers, I can't possibly be the Only dreamer in Va

Post your dreams so we can All get paid Dance

My most recent dream was about and explosion , helicopter

Had two hits from a dream last month

Let's Get em !! :-)


i would like to post. I used to post my dreams and the numbers came out. If I post and get it to go through for me on lottery or any grant I am punish in the community and they punish my daughter in school. If I post and miss or someone else get it they are happy. I need these grants for me. Can something or someone stop these groups and organization from harming me. amen

lucky123's avatar - flower2

I don't know how, to respond to that, I'm sorry that u are having that issue.

I personally post dreams for Fun and possibly help others to win a little


In legend my name is Cassandra. Cassandra is also Alex. Alex Haley wrote a book on "QUEEN". I feel I can recognize and choose to give authority to anyone that wears or wore a crown.


According to me, blocking my grants so i can not fufill my parentals duties WILL NOT make you a "QUEEN".

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