Jackpot claiming preparations. Serious business.

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I think that it is good to be know what you are getting yourself into, and to know what to do. You never know; your numbers just may come up. What I do know is, someone's numbers will come up. I hope they would have the wherewithal to do some research before coming forward. With that said, I wanted to share some things I thought of doing before, during, and after claiming a jackpot win. Firstly, I wouldn't tell anybody. I wouldn't even tell my employer. I'd tell them that I've found a new job opportunity and I'm terminating my employment. If they inquired about the new opportunity, I'd tell them I'd rather not say. 2. If I won in a state that allows trusts or LLCs, I'd contact a lawyer in that state and possibly one in my home state. 3. If the jackpot was really high, I'd wait awhile before coming forward. Preferably, when there's another nice size jackpot $200+. Most attention would be on it. 4. If the jackpot is high enough that I feel I should give money to relatives, I'd see if I could take out a substantial loan and payback in like 6-12 months. If I had to go public, I'd want them to already have their cash and be gone if they chose to do so. 5. This ties in with #4. I'd like to have cash, loaned to me on hand to have my "get out of dodge/find some place to lay low" plan already set up. That way I could do the PR stuff, and then be on a plane to Somewheresville. 6. I wouldn't go up in front of the media unless I had to. I'd have a lawyer speak for me. This is all I can think of right now. If you have anything you'd like to add, please share. Maybe, some future lottery winner will benefit from it.


I believe your state, South Carolina, allows winners to remain anonymous.  Lucky you.   My state has made exceptions to their policy of disclosure when winners demonstrate a high risk of harm.   If I win, I need to figure out what my high risk of harm would be.... guess the lottery expert attorney can help me with that one.


I like the advice of when you figure out what area you want to live in, rent a nice pad in that area for a year first.  The first year of going from rags to riches has got to be the toughest.

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I think keeping my mouth shut would be my hardest trick. its part of that 7 reasons to not win,. in particular  do you want to keep your friends? 

Im guessing i will lose almost all of them and really its just how much it will cost. Even my family will behave like they deserve moar. I can see me not talking to 1 or 2 of them as well. As i wont be used to large sums of money, i could have an income of say $10k a month and live better than i ever have. for the 1st year. to ease myself into sudden wealth.

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