Where do you keep your tickets?


With the deadline to claim the $63 million dollar jackpot in California coming up, I am sure there is a decent chance that the winning ticket very well could have been misplaced! Someone may not even know they should be kicking themselves in the rear end!


What do you do after you get your tickets? How many do you think you have lost? Has one blown out the window while you were driving? (I have!)


If you have reservations about saying what you do, I can respect that, too!

Do you have any stories about misplacing a ticket that maybe encouraged you to change what you do with your tickets?


I personally am a little unorganized, haha! There is a good chance my ticket is in my pocket ready to check for the nights drawing, or in a grocery bag on the counter. I know I have lost a handful in various unfortunate laundry accidents and once out a window while driving!

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When I purchase my tickets, they go into my wallet or shirt pocket.

When I get home, they go into my computer table. 

I have on one or two occasions put the wrong ticket into the shredder...oops When I buy Take5, I will usually get a ticket with the same numbers for 3 - 5 days in a row. Last week, I checked the previous week's ticket and then I ended up shredding the next week's ticket. When I went to check the results, I noticed the date on the ticket and realized what I had done.

I am more careful now! Type


I have an envelope where I have started putting my losers in to keep track of spending, after I check it I will put it in the envelope but if it's still a valid ticket then it just goes on my desk in front of my PC monitor until the results....


No where special, top of the fridge most likely.  Non-winners sometimes become bookmarks.

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In response to TheMeatman2005

I'm curious as to why you shred your tickets....? They can be used to offset any wins at tax time....I throw them in a box....

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In response to JAMORA

The key words in your comment are "any wins".

I do not play more than $1 / draw for Mega and $2 / draw for Powerball. When I hit the jackpot...or at least $1 mil, the $600 I spend per year won't save me that much at tax time. But, from now on, I will save them to use at tax time when I hit the big one. Thanks!

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The winning tickets , I cash in. The losers, I keep in a box, to deduct from taxes. If I win gambling on something else I can deduct these losing tickets off my taxes.

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I keep mine in a nifty little wallet the Texas Lottery retailers give out from time-to-time.  I keep the lottery tickets and filled out and extra blank play slips in it, along with a few dollars- my winnings when I'm on a "winning streak". (which means there's usually no money in it).

I don't keep my losing tickets to offset any taxes;  instead I've been using them for wallpaper.  So far I've done my bedroom, the utility room and about half of the living room.

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In response to mikeintexas

 HA HA Wallpaper made of losing lottery tickets! 

 I also have a plastic sleeve that the CAlottery gave out. I keep my old tickets in a fake book which is really a safe. 

 When my ticket turns magically into a major winner then it will be placed into a bank's safe box.

 I like your idea of keeping the small winnings in my plastic sleeve. I have some winning scratchers and a few PB & MM winning tickets. Small winnings.


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I have an Ohio Lottery plastic sleeve that I put all my tickets in. I now keep the sleeve with my reusable play slips.

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In response to mikeintexas

Can't remember where but I saw a picture of a room somebody had covered with scratchoff tickets.

Gonna have to google search.

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My tickets are easy to find, you start at the Oak Tree that looks like a Maple, take 10 paces to the left, go 100 yards until you find the blue and purple flower surrounded by yellow flowers, go back 3 steps, turn right go 5 steps, head into the wind look for a ...just kidding

In a envelope.

In response to sully16

Now... are those 3 steps back just regular steps? moon walk steps? or 3 steps while doing the "Running Man" dance move? Those are not equal steps at all!

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I keep them in the plastic sleeve, winners I cash, losers I keep in the bathroom.  Helps me recoup my loss by not having to buy toilet paper.  Big Smile

In response to LiveInGreenBay

Green laughGreen laugh HAHAHA!!!ROFLROFL Oh my, that got right to my funny bone!!!

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