Do you buy tickets even when the jackpot isn't high?

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Are you a regular player? You don't care if the jackpot is $40 mil or $400 mil., but feel you have to be in it to win it. Or, do you just buy tickets when you remember to stop for them when the jackpot starts climbing? Cheers


Buying every draw means that I have to go to the store ever week and have enough cash. Only when it gets over a $100 + then  I buy.

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 Here in California, I play advance play mode. $20.00 worth of plays for each game. Power Ball and Mega Million. I do not have to visit the store again and again.

 Even winning $1 million would change my life. 



I start playing PB when its $60M or higher, and MM when its higher than or near to the PB jackpot (Played MM last night... Won $1! WOO haha) . I am usually only getting one or two tickets a week when jackpots are lower.


Definitely not into spending gas money on 1:300 mil odds every week. This time however since there was such a media frenzy over the billion jackpot win, I figured hell even if I took a cash value of 40 million that's more than enough to change my life and I figured if I won I'd fly under the radar. I normally don't play until 300 million. ...maybe tonight is my night!

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Gas money? At $1.49 a gallon? Dang. The grocery store is less than a mile from my house and I actually drive by it going to work. The c-store where I usually buy my tix is a mile down the road out of the way, but I like buying my tix there.

I'm in every draw simply because even 2nd prize is life changing. Plus I play my state's lottery games too.

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Size of jackpot holds no significance to me.  If it's a game I study, I have to keep up on it, and that means writing out the lines.  You know what they say about practice....

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I play every drawing thanks to online subscription in Illinois. I do make sure that I invest far more in my IRA and 401k since I believe winning the lottery is a pipe dream.


all on Autopilot...8 times a Month

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I'm hoping for a million dollar win from MM or PB--try to have a ticket in every draw.

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It hardly matters seeing as how the bigger the jackpot the more likely it will be shared.  I don't even look at the jackpot, if I cared I wouldn't also play the Fantasy 5.


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Heck yeah I would take $15 million or $40 million  Wink

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If I'm traveling to a state that has a lottery, I'm going buy Jackpot tickets. No, matter what the size of the jackpot is.


Nope, not really. I usually start playing when the EuroMillions is at around £40m.... it starts at like £12m, it would get too expensive to play every draw plus I lose my 'lottery fever' after a big JP has been one so I pretty much have zero interest for a while until it gets back up there.

Plus I never win anything, not even the minimum prize so I never get to reinvest my 'winnings' haha.

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In response to JoshUK

I have a friend in the UK who plays EuroMillions, and I have helped him with picking numbers.  If I lived over there I would definitely be playing EuroM regularly.  I like those "pairs"/ "stars".  Kinda fun. Smile

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I am a devout lottery player. I play all over the country. I try to get in every draw. However, some times I can't get to some states. I'm in every MM and PB draw.

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Can't you do multi-draws in New York?   I usually do a multi-draw for the same numbers for PB and MM for ten draws each.  30 bucks and I'm good for 5 weeks for both lotteries.

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In response to Dreaming Gemini

Yes, multi-draw is available in NY. I usually don't get that and buy single-draw QP tickets.

Channeling my positive energy to these jackpot amounts. Om Thud

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Never tried it, but can you do a quick pick on a multi-draw?

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In response to Dreaming Gemini

Yes, multi-draw is even available on quick pick tickets as well as self pick.

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back in the day i played every draw, but when they increased the odds  here to 1 in 40 mill to win the powerball, i decided to wait for a $10M pot.  just because  it starts at $2m  basically i dont want to encourage them.

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I play PB/MM and hoosier lottery every others i use advance play so only have to buy once a month. I study the past winning numbers and pick a set for each game and see how it plays out for the month...then i do the same process all over again for the next month.

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No ...the odds are so bad, that I'd rather spend the $ on p3 p4 or cash5....I'll get a qp or two when the JP gets over 200 mil


Not really, I tend to lose my 'lottery fever' after a big draw has happened £50m+ so the £12m starting prize doesn't interest me so I end up not playing for a few draws, it never really got back up there last month (Feb) so I never played, hoping it does get back up there as I wouldn't mind playing again!

Speaking of getting back up there, I have just checked and the Euro is it £38m so if I remember, I will buy a ticket!


The bad thing is that future winners of bigger lotteries play when jackpots are smaller and lose on purpose just to mock us.  They know they can win at will and choose not to do so until the pot is bigger.

In response to jjtheprince

Either trolling or off your meds.

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In response to chopperman8238

That sounds like a good idea.  I've shied away from the multi-draw - but going 2x/week has lost its appeal - so I believe I shall go monthly (8 to 10 draws per month)

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Neither, winners can win at will.

They can just wake up one day and decide "I'm winning the jackpot today!" and BAM! it happens.

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In response to SoleWinner21


Yeah. I quit feeding the troll a while back.

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I buy a $2 powerball ticket almost every wed & sat if I have single one dollar bills. Even winning the $40,000,000 starting jackpot is good enough you'd get about twenty million after taxes.

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