Whats the most you have spent or seen spent on a jackpot?


I was standing in line behind someone who bought $150 in tickets a few weeks ago.  I sure hope they were buying for a group!

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The most I have ever spent on tickets for a jackpot game was probably $35-$40.

Now, I usually get only 1-3 tickets per drawing.

You have to be in it, to win it shouldn't mean going into hock to do so.

If it's meant to be, then one ticket should be enough. I just get one or two more just in case.

One time, at a job where I was working, we put up $5 each and purchased $50 worth of tickets, but I know there are places and people that spend a lot more than that going after the "big one".

A dollar (or 2) and a dream. You don't want to bet away the rent/mortgage/ car payment and end up with nothing. Bet with your head, not over it. 

Good luck to all (especially me!Hurray!) in tonight's Powerball drawing. Only 11 more draws after tonight (without a winner) until we're back in billion dollar jackpot range.

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It was $160 and yes it was a for a group.

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Unless you're behind me in line one day: You'll never know!


Knew someone who had a chain of (6 or 7) shops across LA & also a few rental buildings. He was spending insane amounts of money on the lottery convinced he would win & ended up losing it all. He would spend in the thousands every week.

 It took him at least a decade, but he eventually managed to piss it all away.


I think 10 or 20 tickets. (20 back before PB raised to $2).

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325 to 350 euros for a group, but once I intended to play 1500 euros for  a full system, but didn't. I would have won.

I think that people with money easily buy tickets for 200 to 400 euros / dollars. I have seen much more in tickets, but don't know if they were not cancelled tickets. You never know with smoking drinkers.

If people can pay bets at roulette ranging from 500 to 3000, they can do too at lotto. High rollers ...

Have you ever seen a muck?


£10 for 5 lines is the max I have ever spent.

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Back in 2005 or 2006 I remember spending $50 on Powerball. It like $300M or something. The worst part? I didn't win anything. Didn't even get the Powerball.


The most I've ever spent at a time was $10 a draw game powerball and the most I've ever spent on a scratcher was a single $20 scratcher.  During downtimes/depression is when I've spent the most on the lottery hoping to hit it big.


I think for the billion dollar drawing my fiance and I together probably spent 40-50 bucks. That's only because my fiance owed his sister 20 bucks so she said screw the money, buy powerball tickets and we'll split if you win lol.


we dropped $1,200 at 1 time, it took about 10 minutes to print all them Ticks...

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Hope there wasnt anyone in line behind you lol.

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I've spent a $1,000 twice back in my compulsive gambling days. Matched 4 numbers and won back $100 both times.


I once saw a guy purchase 3 whole packs of £2 scratch cards, the guy serving him asked if he's feeling lucky or something and he said they were going into 'goodie' bags at a wedding or something.

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