Powerball Hangover.


With my help, the Ex won a few.

How about you?

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I played my own numbers on my own including many members on here.  I knew 10 was coming out and okay with $8.   But thank goodness its over. 


Also played with a group of 5 others and not even close.

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Nada, zero, zip what a disappointment.  Back to my boringBed life.

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Work pool won nothing. I won $8, made a whole $2 profit. LOL.

I just got my tix for the rest of the week.

Tx 2 Step tonight.

MM tomorrow night.

Tx Lotto, and PB Saturday night.

If I win Lotto, MM, or PB I'll fly under the radar while everyone is looking for the big winners.

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I had all the numbers mixed on several tickets. Pb 10.

I used 31 32 33 34 35 pb 2 on another. 4 8 12 21 37 pb 4 on another.  Its back to 40 mill and I would take it.

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1 number from winning combination on several different tickets.

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In response to lakerben

I would take the 40 mill, too.   I'd even move to your New Mexico, where it's easy to get thrown in jail for speeding down the road. But for the 40 mil, I'd do that and start my own custom t-shirt business, no problem.

In response to rcbbuckeye

I Agree!, continue to play and hit for 'just' enough! 


So lucky to have matched 5 numbers

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In response to Money$Bags

Holy smokes!  is that a million $ ticket?

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Congrats Money$Bags. I guess they don't call you Money$Bags for nuthin!!

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So lucky to have matched 5 numbers


Is that yours? Woo-hoo, that is awesome!   Supercalifragilisticexpialidocis even!  Congratulations!

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In response to Money$Bags

wow.  nice!  congratulations!

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Wow, thanks for showing us a winner!  Congratulations!


Very cool!!!  $1Mil ain't too shabby. 

Did you 'have a feeling' about that ticket before the draw?  My gut reaction would have been "Crap, they gave me 2 numbers from last draw".

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The hangover continues over on the Powerball Twitter feed. All the fake winning tickets being tweeted over and over is amusing. Most of the fakes are not even done well with uneven number lines and some numbers that look different. Looking at these images enlarged usually reveals adjacent pixel differences indicating an image paste not easy to see at normal size...

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In Sanford, Florida, a 19 year old who'd never played before walked into a store to buy a PB ticket for yesterday's jackpot. When he approached the play station he noticed there was a playslip already filled out. Not knowing any better, he figured those numbers were as good as any and hands the clerk the playslip, but adds Power Play. He's now two million dollars richer.

Interesting side note: There were 11 1-million dollar winners in Florida, meaning no power play, and the 19 y.o. was the only one with five numbers and power play. 

That means one of two things happened:

A) Somebody filled out a playslip with the first five winning numbers and walked away without playing, leaving their playslip behind. Or...

B) Somebody played the numbers, but skipped power play, and then left their playslip for this lucky teenager to find. 


My gut says A because there's no news so far about a store selling two million-dollar+ tickets. 


I love this story because it illustrates my favorite things about the lottery: That it's completely random (unless you're in IL), and it doesn't discriminate. It can happen to anyone, at any time, maybe even me one of these days.

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In response to Nino224

Yet another example of all it takes is one ticket ... and luck Smiley

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In response to Money$Bags

You could of done a better job with the 8 & 27.


Yeah, Photoshopping and Poll Lying are not exactly a Miracle of Hacking Computer Science.


another LP'er sent us a PM and asked around about the picture.

we replied back...

'eh, just wait a while.

if they come back with a picture of them standing next to a lottery official holding one of those big azs novelty lottery checks, then we know it's good.'


Yeah, that 27 is jacked up (or should I say down).  Uncool.  I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for a pic with lottery officials.

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I did nothing as my vote. I didn't buy anymore Powerball in My PNI money until it gets close or above $1 billion.

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In response to Nino224

Wow this is why I would have done the same (happened to me twice but won nothing) ....yet I refuse to play mistake tickets offered by a clerk. I believe in angels leaving signs.

And be nice to the homeless since they may be angels in disguise.

In response to rcbbuckeye

Lottery pools are milking cows for lotteries unless they win. How many lottery pools are there during the historic Powerball Draw? Tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands.

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