Last of the California Second Chance Jackpots


Well, I didnt win the 5 million dollar jackpot. Some lucky guy did on Christmas Eve. What a nice present.  Hurray!


Since the state has phased it out, there is only another 5 million and 1 million in February 2016 and a 750k yet to be determined.  The rational for the phase out was that there was going to be more smaller prizes but I havent noticed. They shd have kept it the way it was. 

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Took two <snip> years for them to award this winner. The second chance sucked all along. One of the biggest regrets of my life playing it in 2008.

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The second chance sucked, the 5MJP game sucked; all of the California Lottery now sucks and from the lack of activity on the California boards, most California players who used to frequent this site would now agree. I, on the other hand, am officially done with the Lottery. It was an up and down 16 years with months off in-between, but I've had my fill. Time to move on and use money for other things. Good luck to you and others.

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It does appear the CA Lottery is in a downward spiral.  I don't have much interest anymore either.  Not done, done, but will buy a ticket here and there, but usually many months between purchases.


The scratchers are pathetic.  They killed the second chance drawings by removing the top prize. Now, at most you have a shot at winning 25k x2 each week and some smaller prizes. 

The new games -- for $20 or $30 bucks you get 4 top prizes and then it drops to about 6 100k prizes. Not worth the money.


I do have respect to all those I have been able to converse with over the last two years in the lottery thread, I wish everyone well and hope they get way better value doing other things than the dollars they spent on the CA Lottery itself.

I usually do not wish bad things on others, but I am beyond frustrated to the point where hearing about massive layoffs on the CALottery will be a better feeling than winning on the new 2nd chance drawing.

The people who have bought the majority of tickets are not rewarded. And what is baffling to me is that profits of the scratchers are in the few billions, clearly a cash cow, and the 2nd chance only gives back a few thousands a week adding up to a few millions.

The last I checked, the state's education has not gotten better since the 2nd chance.

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Hopefully major changes afoot in 2016 for the CA Lottery. It can't keep releasing the same exact games with the same s****y prize structure month after month and year after year and expect higher profits, no? That would definitely be something, though; if it got so bad that it had to lay off employees to keep people's interest piqued.


I was occasionally frequenting the California scratchers thread for the last couple weeks and realized no commenting from California players. I assumed that my fellow neighbors quit playing the lotto or just didn't win much and not worth the mentioning. But now I finally realized that the thread was locked. They should unlock it since that was the prime epicenter for the CA lottery player online social club. Well, I haven't bought a scratcher in months. Just a couple dollars of fantasy 5, superlotto, and the occasional mega. Nothing. Who's putting down a few chips for Saturday's PB? Maybe a 900mil by then? That wouldn't be bad for the personal bank roll...


The odds keep getting worse and worse for the player with each new game they release. The games have become pretty boring as well. But I see more and more people playing everything calotto offers all the time now. I see people digging out losing tickets regularly (2nd chance).

It's CA. It's a big state with a huge population. Basically a country. Many "things" that many people want/dream of having are really difficult to obtain nowadays. So now I see all different types of people playing everything lotto.

I only would play more when I would win more. I used to be able to come across a $100 win at least once a month. I only won $100 2x in 2015 and it was back in Jan and Feb. Everybody has their own threshold for when things aren't worth it anymore.

I don't think it's any coincidence more regulars are laying low while more people who wouldn't normally play lotto are turning to it as a "pipe dream" option. The numbers are out, most people can't afford or qualify for a home/loan in CA. A lot of people have huge amounts of debt in their way. And their jobs they got with the education that has put them in debt, doesn't pay enough to bail them out of it for decades.

I still play for fun mainly slp and mm.

Cryptocurrencies are much more interesting to me now :)


Again, looking at how the big prizes are no more, I'm disgusted. These weekly second chance draws for scratchers are little compensation.  They are surely not an encouragement to buy scratchers. And they look like they would be easy to fix by crooked insiders.


Lottery jobs are government jobs which are generally stable. This powerball drawing helps the CA Lottery's cause. So it is terrible thinking on my part.

It is easy to get $100 winners on scratchers if you play regularly, it is just that the $200 and up prizes are much harder to get for tickets $10 and under, you can go years without it. The $20/$30 ticket had too much break even prize points.

I think I am one of those people that want a good amount of $100k prizes instead of a handful $5million prizes. Most of the prize money would go back to the government in the form of taxes anyways (that is what calling 1-800-GAMBLER folks will tell you).

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same here. Ill buy maybe one or two tickets a week if that.

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Definitely reduced my play after reading about a guy who wasn't a regular scratcher player hitting the jackpot. The Lottery doesn't reward regular players enough to make it worthwhile.   I buy no more than $50 a month.


Looking at the Calf website, I dont see any more second chance drawings for superlotto (1140 or for pool scratchers (55) after this month. Is this correct?


The 2nd Chance drawings for SuperLotto are still there, there are no notices stating it will expire

There is also one for this week on the Draws page.

Even this 2nd chance drawing is not enough to draw attention anywhere clsoe to MM or PB.

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