california $30 anniversary scratcher screw up


Bought 2 $30 scratchers yesterday. Couldn't scratch bottom half of the Lucky Spots. Couldn't scratch bottom half of the Bonus Spot. Some of the prize amounts don't show. Couldn't scratch the scan bar. No way of knowing if the ticket was a winner. Retailer couldn't scan it. Lottery said to mail it in. Could be as much as $2000 and I'm supposed to just mail it in????????? Retailer said he has seen this before on this game. The 106xxxx, 107xxxx and the 110xxxx sets of tickets have not come out although the 118xxxx tickets are out. The lottery said they know about the problem but they keep on selling these tickets. Did they hold back the 106, 107 and 110 sets because they are screwed up? The ones I got were 114xxxx. If they held them back because they know they are screwed up, will they ever send them out? How many top prizes are in these tickets? Between the 106, 107 and 110 sets of tickets there are 900,000 tickets. 10,000 books w/30 tickets for each set. Who knows how many more tickets are this way. Add to that # the 114xxxx set and you are talking about 1.2M tickets that may never see the light of day. This game should be shut down. There are only 4 $10M ($5.8M cash) prizes. What if 2 of them are in these faulty sets? I won't buy any more of these tickets until I get some answers.

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Thanks for the heads up about this. I've been buying $30 tickets exclusively these days, and I bought at least 10 tickets from the early batches thus far. You are welcome to join the California Lottery Scratchers main thread to discuss about other things. It is depressing lately, most people have given up playing scratchers, so some new players will be nice.

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Again just goes to prove my point that the odds to win the jackpot aren't true odds.  If the lottery isn't putting the jackpot ticket in circulation your odds of winning are ZERO.  That's just criminal for the lottery to do that without notifying players.  No $30 tickets for me.

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