Found Pi formula that works?


I found this but not sure how to make it work on the calculator.

The formula looks more complex than it really is; but it is as accurate as possible with the use for letters and basic symbols. Part of the formula explains the different mathematical constants and operations used to achieve the result: A Wheel matrix that creates exactly 3 digits for the first position (alpha), second position (beta) and third position (gamma).

The Pi formula was originally created for the use in the Florida Pick 3 Lottery and was successfully used to create 27 numbers to follow the drawing November 18, 2002 (852).

Don't worry we are going to show you the calculations necessary.
The most recent draw was 852. For the formula that means that
alpha = 8
beta = 5
gamma = 2

To get to all 9 values required for the Wheel Matrix we start out with the first of the formula parts shown on the right.
Gamma = 2. The square root of pi = 1.77245385.
2 + 1.77245385 = 3.77245385
3.77245385 rounded = 4 (In this case the system has to round up.)
Modulo 10 of 4 = 4 If the number is higher than 10 the result is the last digit)

So our first result is 4.
We do the same procedure for the the next two of the top row (alpha and beta) and we will get the results 0 and 7.

Now we go to the next row. As an example I show how to calculate the middle part shown on the right.
Alpha = 8. pi = 3.14159265.
8 + 3.14159265 = 11.14159265
11.14159265 rounded = 11 (In this case the system has to round up.)
Modulo 10 of 11 = 1 (If the number is higher than 10 the result is the last digit)

So the middle result is 1.
The same procedure with the other middle calculations fives us for 5 and 8.

One row to go: As an example I use the last part.
Beta = 5. The 2nd power of pi = 9.8696044.
5 + 9.8696044 = 14.8696044.
14.8696044 rounded = 15 (In this case the system has to round up.)
Modulo 10 of 15 = 5 (If the number is higher than 10 the result is the last digit)

So the last result is 5.
Using the same procedure with the first and second part on the last row results in 2 and 8.
So our Wheel Matrix looks like this:

Now comes the easy part. We only need to combine the digits in each position with each other and we should get exactly 27 numbers.

Starting from the top down we get the following combinations:
407, 408, 405, 417, 418, 415, 487, 488, 485
507, 508, 505, 517, 518, 515, 587, 588, 585
207, 208, 205, 217, 218, 215, 287, 288, 285
Now you might wonder: This system was meant to hit following the drawing November 18, 2002 (852). Did it hit? Yes, it did. Boxed but hey, better than nothing. The Florida number for November 19, 2002 was 504. We had it boxed and the system was born.

Now you have a complete Pi Formula for Pick 3 that actually hits fairly frequently
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Simplified  +2 , +3 , +10 


and is the rows on the wheel in different order as far as (alpha, betta, gamma)?

In response to flossdog

I always use LL12  digit4 and pick 3 pi  which was given years ago still works.

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Nm i see , gamma , alpha , beta .

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I have to look  but I think somebody put this in excel a couple of years ago.  If not it would be nice to have in a program.

I just looked and cajun4win and joker 17 had threads on this subject. I have not found the program if any at this time.



I Agree!

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This one is tough since the Wheel Matrix starts with the last part of the number which is gamma and the formula on top row, then ,,,,,,,
second row is first number, alpha,  but it goes in the middle then left number, right number , then,,,,,,
third row is second number, beta, and put in the order of last, first, second. I'm with lakerben, it would really need to be put in an excel program or there will be many people wanting you to post examples of numerous States .

I can do it on paper as long as it is quite and no one bugging me. Wink
Oh, and none of this Cheers  Approve



I got up early this morning and read your topic and decided to build a little app.  Anyway here is the

download link.  Just set the 3 values and click run.  To set the values move the mouse pointer over

the box and L-click to increase or R-click to decrease.  Very simple. 


P.S. The results will be displayed in notepad once the program has generated the lines.

Download link




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In response to RL-RANDOMLOGIC


thanks flossdog and RL

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Produced a box from Fl Mid 3/15/15 in Eve draw 316. Thanks to both of you




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thanks for posting your results carbob because I'm a dingy

I didn't scroll for the rest of the numbers

doh me

Green laugh


Hi all

This is flossdogs idea, I just coded it to make it easy to use.


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RL Thanks for the slice of Pi


Thanks RL and flossdog...

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In response to ANITO143

Ditto,nice work!


I Agree!


Thanks for the comments.

I was surprised to see that the little app was downloaded almost 150 times in the first few hours.

I only had time to run a few back-test and here in MO. it hit some match 2's but no match 3. I only

tested around 5 or 6 games and only for the evening drawing.


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